Superbowl Ad parody (sort of)

Hey guys, 

I took a Holiday Everyday idea I had an ended up writing it as a commercial for the Monday Challenge. I didn't get it done in time to qualify, but I'm pretty pleased with how it came out:

Hitfilm was used soup to nuts here except for the actual voice recording, which was done in Audacity. The coolest comp shot I've done as part of this series is at 0:50. I added some subtle stablization to the pull out which made it possible to line up the face with the portrait with just some simple keyframing for scale and rotation. I then added a vignette to conceal the edges of the picture and get the final oval style portrait at the end. 

What do you guys think?


  • aarondc
    aarondc Posts: 264

    Can you link to the original ad you copied? There's no context and I am lost.

    But the transition comp at 0:50 is brilliant, no question.

  • ZedFable
    ZedFable Posts: 136

    @arrondc: Thanks for watching it. The commercial I was talking about was the nationwide that seemed to cause quite a stink about it being sad:

    It was't a 1 for 1 parody- I had to fit a holiday in there, which admittedly made the script a little awkward, but it does have the "I'll never do x, I'll never do y" thing. Most of all, I wanted people to not quite realize where it was going until the Nationwide logo at the end hit. 

    Thanks for the encouragement on the comp. I'd love to play with that sort of transition later for other things. I found the effect memorizing and not as nearly as hard as I expected.