Direct youtube upload username and password failing

aarondc Posts: 263 Just Starting Out*
edited February 2015 in HitFilm

I just logged out of youtube and then logged in again to make sure I had the email and password correct. I do, and logged in successfully.

When I enter those exact same details in HF, it fails to log in.

Any advice on what I am doing wrong?

It'd be kinda cool to have a check box like [x]hide characters, so you can see what password you have typed in but hide the characters if there's an FBI or MI5 or CIA or ASIO agent standing right behind you.

And I already asked to remove the required attribute on all the meta data that youtube itself does not require when uploading a   video. The youtube video I manually uploaded for the mask redraw weirdness was going to be categorised under cars and trucks if the upload from Hitfilm had worked.


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