New Short Film

Hey guys. I've begun work on a new short film that will be made heavily with HitFilm and a little bit of help from after effects. It is going to be bigger than any of my previous films and I am very excited to make it, as it will be the first major film I've made with HitFilm. Anyways if you're interested here's the teaser trailer.


  • Sorry to say, but dislike. :(
  • DanielMorgan
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    I don't think its as simple as dislike or like. I think you should atleast say why you might not like this project, thus giving the maker of the video something to improve on. As a trailer I think its a little boring, the dialouge is very quiet compared to the background noise (explosions etc). The muzzle... or .. tracers coming from the gun looked rather dull, they needed more texture .
  • StormyKnight
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    While it certainly gives the impression that there's something big going on outside, the dialogue does need to come up in volume. And as for the stool- dude- seriously, that's not going to stop anyone. You should use a chair with a nice high back and prop it under the door knob the right way. I'm not convinced by the stool.
    Other than that, you've peaked my interest!
  • Overall, I thought it was a good look into the movie. And I really loved the sfx, they were quite impressive ;) But I have to agree with everyone else... The audio from your character seemed a little quiet compared to the gunfire,explosions,etc.
    Keep it up!!!
  • acberger
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've realized the problem with the dialogue, but it's weird because before uploading it was perfectly easy to hear what the character was saying and after uploading it wasn't so something happened in the process, but oh well. As for the muzzle flashes complaint, I was just trying to make it look realistic because flashes in night vision tend to only be dull big flashes without texture, but i do agree they should have been lighter, it really is more of a personal preference thing though, but thanks for your feedback :). Once i have more work done on the actual film in a few months ill post a theatrical trailer that explains more and hopefully has louder dialogue :). So, if you're interested stay tuned! Thanks!
  • DanielMorgan
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    always be weary of you tube compression when it comes to sound. I always use vimeo, its better quality.