Unable to open a project

aarondcaarondc Website User Posts: 264

So yeah. I have been working on this video for about 8 hours straight now. It's now 5am in the morning.

And after slowing to a crawl, I thought perhaps restarting HF might help.

I checked task manager, but HF was only using 274MB of RAM.

Anyway closed HF and then restarted it.

Twice now.

Both times it starts loading the media and then crashes out.

So I probably have a very strong desire for someone to fix this so I can resume editing and finish the video. I am very close. This is incredibly frustrating.

I think I hit the wrong button the first time, but made sure I hit the [Send] button this time. It won't have my name or email address on it because computers should remember such things once I have typed them.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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