Edit in HitFilm 3 missing from Vegas 13

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So I recently installed the new version of HitFilm PRO 3 and I just noticed today that the right click integration is missing. I love the fact that the effects are available directly in Vegas but if I want to do some serious work and tracking stuff, how am I supposed to do that now? How do I get the clip in my Vegas timeline to HF 3?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled HF a couple of times but no change.


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    Was the Integration working before you updated?

    Vegas needs to be installed before HitFilm, could that be the issue? Might be worthwhile removing them both & trying again?

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    I have tried that both. So I bought the Vegas HF combo like a month before HF3 came out.. (bummer) and everything worked fine, so I upgraded to HF 3 so obviously Vegas just stayed as it was. I didn't uninstall HF 2 first, just installed HF 3 and then uninstalled HF 2. It worked fine when I only had Hf 2 and Vegas 13. 

    But I also tried uninstalling both and re-intalling but still no luck. My version of Vegas is also weird. I don't have the option to render to bmp or png image sequence which was one of my most used functions. I have to go back to Vegas 11 and do it there.

    But this missing feature in Vegas 13, HF 3 is really a bother.. feels like I am losing out on all the great functionality of using both programs in unison.. so frustrated

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    Maybe you need to uninstall older versions of Vegas and clean your registry and re-install.

    My copy of Vegas 13 renders image sequences and has no problems at all either sending video clips to Hitfilm to edit or reading Hifilm Editor Timelines as media. You're getting buggy behavior, but the software works properly on my system, so you've got something else going on.

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    I do wonder whether it's an old version of Vegas on your system confusing the HitFilm installer.

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    ah man, seems like such a mission.. why cant they make stuff that just works anymore?? ive already done a complete clean install.. did an intensive registry clean and everything.. le sigh..

  • EricZodiacEricZodiac Website User Posts: 10

    I used Microsoft fixit and IObit uninstaller.. any other programs I should rather try.. really such a mission, installing all those little axillary add-on programs to Vegas..

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    If you installed HF after Vegas, it should have put a file called 'HitFilm.fio2007-config' in Vegas's directory. Vegas will see and use that to interface with Hitfilm (if you see a file called 'HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config',  as the name implies, that's for HF 2 Ultimate).

    If that file is in the vegas directory, start up vegas and from the menu select 'Help', then 'About Vegas Pro' (or whatever Vegas you are using).  Click the 'Components' tab, and under 'File I/O Plug-Ins' see if you have something that looks like this:
          version: 1.0.3414.32697
          path: C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm 3 Pro\HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll

    If you have both the file and Vegas lists HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll, it should be working, otherwise there may be an installation issue. Make sure the path listed is correct, etc..


  • EricZodiacEricZodiac Website User Posts: 10

    I have this file in the Vegas directory - HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config

    and I also have the I/O plugin file and it's path is correct..

    So what to do now..

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    I believe that is the old config file for the Vegas Integration. As Rgbii states above you need 'HitFilm.fio2007-config' to be present to use the Vegas 13 / HF3 integration.

    Can you remove HitFilm 2 if it's installed & run the installer for HitFilm 3 again, this time selecting Custom, in there should be entry for Sony Vegas Integration, are you seeing that?

  • JackOHareJackOHare Website User Posts: 3

    Yep - same here as EricZodiak, Vegas 12 shows the components listed under "Help/About Vegas Pro", but functionality is missing. I will wait to see what solves this broken feature for EricZodiak before I attempt the agonizing time messing with system installs. I'm frustrated enough that what worked marvelously before the update is now defunct.

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    I was having the same problem with Vegas 13pro not recognizing hitfilm 3 pro. the add hitfill effect would show up when i right clicked an event but it would not link to hitfilm 3 pro but would link to hitfilm ultimate, which i also had installed.

    My remedy was going to the Sony directory in Program Files in the C: directory and renaming the 'HitFilm.fio2007-config' and 'HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config' files in the Vegas 12 directory. I renamed them by adding any characters in front of the file name, ie...1stHitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config.In doing that my Vegas 13 pro recognized the hitfilm 3 pro install and would react properly!

    That's What fixed my problem!! how did i come up with this solution? I dont know, out of the box thinking i guess LOL!

    Let me know if this works for anyone else!

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    WONDERFUL!    pf1960 's  solution to the missing Hitfilm FX in my Vegas Pro 12 was right on the money. I just renamed the file by adding the number 1 to the beginning.  Presto - HitFilm returns as a right clip option in Vegas! Thank you so much for taking the time to post onto the forum -- best regards


  • pf1960pf1960 Website User Posts: 3

    You are very welcome Jack!!! I'm glad it worked for you too!!!

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    Sounds like there's some old files from HF2U causing a conflict with the HF3P integration. Renaming those files probably kills off the lingering HF2U stuff, allowing the HF3P links to work right.

    Did any of you reinstall HitFilm 2 Ultimate AFTER installing HitFilm 3 Pro?

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    I didn't, I have not ever installed HF2 on the machine I'm using HF3 on right now. I even uninstalled HF3 and reinstalled it in an attempt to convince Vegas to let me import projects :-/

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast

    @WhiteCranePhoto - did @pf1960's solution work for you?

  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 909 Enthusiast

    @SimonKJones - I haven't tried it yet (stuff got in the way), but I'll try it after work tonight and let you know what happens.

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    @SimonKJones I uninstalled HF2U after I installed HF3P to see if my Vegas would link to HF3P but it didn't, I had nothing in my right click function when I uninstalled HF2U, so I re-installed HF2U just so I could at least have that integrate with Vegas, until I thought of renaming the files in the Vegas 12 directory, which gave me the right click function to HF3P. 

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    hey so i am missing hitfilm from the file i/o plug-ins. i can right click my video on the timeline and edit in hitfilm no problem. i can add hitfilm effects from sony vegas no problem. the thing is there is plug-ins from hitfilm that do not appear in vegas. in video clean up i can only see 2 out of 5 of the effects that are in hitfilm. the problem happens when i add one of those hitfilm effects that dont show up in vegas, i cant open the .hfp file in vegas. i have to export as mp4 then upload the mp4 into vegas, which im pretty sure will result in a loss of quality at the end. and is also a hassle not to mention. please help. i have uninstalled and reinstalled everything correctly

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    I am having a similar problem.

    Noticed that I only got Hitfilm 2 Ultimate in Sony Vegas 12, even though I had Hitfilm 3 Pro installed, so I uninstalled Hitfilm 2, but now Hitfilm doesn't appear as the "Edit in..." alternative at all.

    Tried reinstalling Hitfilm 3 Pro, but under "Custom" there is no option for Sony Vegas Integration. Any idea on what to do? It worked fine with Hitfilm 2.

  • ArekArek Website User Posts: 83

    Hi Daniel,

    HF3 is integrated with SV13 not SV12.


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