Render AVI to other codecs?

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Is there a way to enable HitFilm to render AVIs to an intermediate codec? I haven't been able to get anything to playback the uncompressed AVIs that HitFilm exports, so I'd really like to get a useful intermediate option... I realize that ProRes is crappled in windows, but I'm fine with AVI... provided that I can find a way to use a reasonable intermediate codec.


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    At the moment this option doesn't exist, no. You'd have to convert them manually after exporting. I agree, the avi files hitfilm is producing are barely usable at times...

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    I would love to be able to export audio-only as wav and mp3, actually.

    For video, I tend to render image sequences as PNG. Best quality you can get out of 8-bit,smaller than uncompressed AVI, renders faster than anything else, and then I can use Vegas to transcode to any format I want. 

    Being able  to select other codecs is pretty important, though. I HAVE to assume it's on the list as it's seriously the only thing keeping Hitfilm's currently name from being totally true. 

    But FXhome did that 10,000 user survey, and we have to assume that what we got--unified 3D, Projection, LUT's, model-particles were higher priority to us overall than import/outport options. 

    I got my curves!  

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    Mostly unusable? Try completely. 

    This clip has dialog. Exporting as an image sequence would require then extracting the audio from the original transcoding the clip into a usable format, and re-syncing it in Edius...  meaning that I was wrong to say that the chromakey filter justified HitFilm's price tag since it's not usable. 

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    Since, in general, one should edit before going to compositing and effects, My frame-count would be set before going to Hitfilm, so bringing the image sequence back is a matter of dropping it on top of the original clip, but I have never edited in Eidus, so I don't know it's workflow. Being a Vegas editor I can send video directly to Hitfilm and the Hitfilm clip replaces the original, although I usually STILL render the image sequence as that takes less time to render than a. VEGAS proxy. 

    Vegas also makes it easy to determine the timecode of the individual clip on a timeline, so I have never had any issues with resynching exported/imported clips--it's always been a drag n drop and then grouping the image sequence to the underlying audio. And, honestly, PNG renders are so much faster on my machine it's faster to resynxh than to wait for the additional time needed to render video! 

    Sorry,if I were Eidus literate I might be able to come up with specific techniques or suggestions for workarounds. I have to just go back to render time making up for additional edit time--but I am remembering the last Hitfilm project I rendered to AVI took 19 hours to render. The image sequence rendered in under 7 hours. Takes waaaaaay less than 12 hours to synch a shot, so rendering to image sequence still saves me hours and hours of time despite extra workflow steps.  

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    The reason that I was doing the composite was to make editing easier. It's a dialog clip I'm integrating into a scene. My goal was to do the composite, render it out as a clip, and then edit that clip into the sequence in Edius. In theory, that would make the workflow nice and smooth, but instead it's turning out to be a nonstarter since the export options in HitFilm are so limited.

    Plus, there's no way to get the timeline into HitFilm without just rendering it out, which would make the compositing more work since I'd then have to do it every time she appears, instead of doing it once and rendering it out so that I can just cut it like any other clip.

    So basically, I was trying to work around the fact that HitFilm doesn't have any way of importing projects or timelines from anything else by doing the composite in HitFilm and exporting it... only to discover that HitFilm really insists on not collaborating with any other software.

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    Got a professional tool to help you. Now, I used Brorsoft Video Converter, which can help me do the encoding work perfectly. You can have a try.

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