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Hello all,

I was debating whether to upgrade to the new Hitfilm! But what plugins come included with the upgrade? Is it all 130 of them? Just a few? Please help, this may be a deal breaker.

Also, some of the plugins on the website have a number next to them, I click it and it shows me a disclaimer.

Are some of the plugins (Like the audio spectrum) only available for use in Adobe, or available for use in Adobe as well as Hitfilm?


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    The Hitfilm 3 package includes two products: the Hitfilm 3 software itself and the Plug-Ins, which are for use in other programs. 

    Hitfilm 3 software contains everything in the Plug-Ins and more! There are 130 effects in the Plug-Ins, but the Hitfilm software has about 180 effects as well as the particle sim, 3D model support, and Hitfilm's edit/composite tools. 

    The Plug-Ins are for use in other video software you might have, and, yes, have certain restrictions based on limitations of the other software.

    To put it another way, Audio Spectrum works in Hitfilm 3 and Adobe, but not in Vegas or FCP. 

    Hope this helps. 

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    Triem's got it covered, pretty much. We are restricted by the capabilities of the host platform in a few cases - After Effects tends to have the widest support for the plugins.

    HitFilm 3 Pro itself includes EVERYTHING. We are planning to transfer over some of the newer HitFilm 3 Pro effects to the plugins in the next free update.

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    The HitFilm Chromakey filter is AMAZING

    If I end up using HitFilm for nothing else this year, that would be enough to justify the upgrade price.

    That said, I want to use HitFilm more. I haven't even had a chance to dig into most of the other effects it includes. 

  • Triem23
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    I edit in Vegas usually, sometimes in Premiere and I also use AE. To say I got my money's worth from Hitfilm 3 is an understatment. Cinestyle is the best tool I have ffor simple bars,and, since Hitfilm is my compositor of chouce, I can grade shots in Hitfilm and match them in other hosts. Love it!

    To some of the video people I know I describe Hitfilm 3 as "a great set of Plug-ins that comes with a free compositing and effects program!" 

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    Thanks everyone for the responses! I'll try to make way and buy it before the sale is over!

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