Model --> Make composite shot --> sad face

aarondcaarondc Website User Posts: 264

So I have been working on something for too many hours. Had a model all imported and materials renamed and tweaked bits and pieces. Had a camera pan type deal, some lame star field, even a planet.

Stupidly right click on the model to make composite shot and don't remember saving, but I cannot return to the previous set up.

The materials no longer appear to be applied to the model.

The model (which is now a composite shot) is now 2D. If I change it to 3D everything - star field, planet and space station - disappears.


It's 4am now, and I should probably have gone to bed 6 hours ago but I want to skill up asap, and was going ok till I had this "make composite shot" freight train break everything.


Going to be tough to help me, so hmmm someone pat me on my head and say, "There there, it will be alright" and I am sure I will get over it.

Is this sort of thing going to happen a lot?  You know. Change a layer from 2D to 3D in the hope it fixes something and find every single item in the scene disappear?



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