Converting videos for good performance in HitFilm

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I'm using the  Radeon R9 280X PCIe Grahpics card

sys=i7 4790k processor, 8mb intel smart cache, 16GB DDR3 RAM,

2 otb storage drive,  240 gb boot drive

Windows 7 64 bit   dell monitor p2810q.... I cant understand why the video playback isn't smooth.

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    I am going to guess you footage is MOV files from a DSLR, or AVCHD. Either way this mean your footage is in a "delivery" format, not an "editing" format. In which case....

    I link you to that thread, which is actually probably going to link you to a third thread with a very long post about what format you should convert your video to, where to find the free conversion tool, how to use the tool, and an outside article going into technical details of why h.264 is a bad editing format. You'll also see why I didn't feel like re-typing that again. 

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    As Triem has stated it's most like the format your footage is in, the link he has posted should help you out.


  • thanks  I appreciate the help... checking it out now...!!!!

  • Triem23  I followed all the links and even checked out some of your other post on this same issue...your right you should do a video tutorial on this..Im sure future new users would very grateful...  I downloaded  both however I don't see the Avid  DNxHD  in the drop down box on the MPEG Stream clip....


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    You probably need to download and install the codec:

  • I did,  but cant figure out why they wont install on my computer...

  • does anybody know why the  avid DNxHD option isn't showing up in the  drop down menu of  MPEG SRTEAM CLIP...??? 

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    Which drop-down menu are you looking in? Are you aiming to convert to .mov or .avi with MPEG Streamclip? Does the DNxHD codec not show up in either one? If I select Export to Quicktime, then select a destination folder, I eventually get to the Movie Exporter screen, and there is a Compression menu at the top. When I open the Compression menu, I find it right near the top, listed as Avid DNxHD, among several other Avid options.

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    Hopefully it's a simple "just not seeing it." In one of the other threada on the link chain I put up a couple flickr links to screenshots showing where the proper settings are running MPEG Streamclip on my machine. Did you check those out? We wanna figure this out and get you transcoded. 

    Let me put those screenshots here:



  • Hi HitFilmerP, I believe you might need transcode MOV to WMV or MPEG which is an editing video format for HitFilm and then edit in HitFilm, that may solve the video stuttering issue.

  • Triem  & Axel, Emma

                                     I have followed your previous instructions to the letter, but no AVID options appear in the drop down box at all.   I tried all the export options in the drop downs-- Quicktime, DV and  Avi.......... Avid DNxHD option is nowhere to be found man....  I uninstalled Avid  and reinstalled it several times---...Im wore out, don't know what else to I tried working on some text/composites with particle effects..played that back and it stuttered too....I must admit when I first got this I was charged and now Im low on gas but I aint  quitting...I got some good video ideas I wanna get out... I appreciate you guys taking the time to  help me

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    @Triem -  I saw you mention you edit in Vegas. That is the choice I have made also, and I was wondering if I could ask if you could recommend a video card?
    I have a new system but the 2nd hand card I bought looks like it was a dud.

    I can probably render overnight, so editing / compositing speed is of more interest, although clearly quicker rendering times mean I can upload them and get feedback, etc quicker.


    PS. I went to your account page and the MESSAGE button did not respond to my click.

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    The message button seems to be buggy lately. My machine is a three year old laptop and not state of the art. From recent research I have done, Vegas doesn't like current NVidia cards so much and does much better with AMD. Hitfilm will work better with NVidia since NVidia is more powerful in OpenGL functions than AMD in equivalent cards. That said, heavy compositing takes more power than assembly edits with some grading, so if you are intending to be more effects/compositing driven get an NVidia 700 or later series. Go for the 70 or 80 version of that series. A 780ti will perform about as well as an 850 for less money. Go for as much GPU ram as you can get. I have had to scale back particle effects simply because my GPU didn't have the RAM. 

    I do a lot of overnight renders.My Strike Wing shot was a 20 hour render! 

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    But with an NVidia card, often it's better to turn off GPU encoding. As I understand it, 600 and later NVidia uses a different hardware architecture than 500 and below. Vegas is optimized for the older architecture. 

  • finally avid DNxHD is showing in the list of options on the mpeg drop down box. ....Triem23 I have followed all the information you have given me ( by the way awesome clip with the robots/ now I have the video converted correctly but Im getting a  FILE ERROR once I import into Hitfilm....can some one tell me what thats about....Just a lil background on me...I have never done video before at all...all of this is totally new....I feel bad asking for help...but I've Google'd& Youtube'd  like crazy and I have yet to do anything productive  with Hitfilm......

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    I love vegas, too. HF has bare essential video editing capabilities and needs serious attention. We shouldn't resort to using vegas since HF is being sold as a complete editing and fx package.
    Da Vinci resolve is free and probably will take a lot of users with it who want a decent editor. Together with Fusion its a complete full featured package.

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