Helicopter animation!!!

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Hey guys,

I did the Simon Jones tutorial for the free helicopter and it came out great.  Had no problem with the main and rear rotor rotation.  I need help with how to animate the environment as the chopper is landing.  I mean like the leaves blowing, dust coming up, trees swaying.  Does hitfilm 3 have effects for what Im looking for.  Any help is appreciated, thank you!!

I also have action essentials pack 2 as well, if this helps!!!!!


  • Daniloth
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    Leaves could be done through particle animation, as could the dust.

    Trees swaying would be more problematic; you might want to avoid shots with smaller trees/bushes.  Creative use of a leaf blower (or several) might allow you to get the look that you want however.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    If you want your 3D model to interact with the landscape around it, you want to do those effects practically, when you film. Use fans or wind machines to move grass, dust or leaves, then you can enhance that digitally if necessary.  Dust and loose leaves blowing could be filmed as stock elements to be comped in, or created digitally, but for the actual trees or other plants in the background to blow around in the wash of the props, you will want to start with practical effects.

  • tuckerkras12
    tuckerkras12 Website User Posts: 64

    Excellent Guys,

    thank you very much for your input!

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