Mac processor requirements for HitFilm 3 Pro

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I have a Mac Pro 2010 with an Intel W3690 processor (3.46 GHZ Westmere).  I see that the min is the Nehalem core.

Will Hitfilm 3 Pro run on this processor?


  • Pencilandinc
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    Given that Wikipedia states that "Westmere is a shrink of the Nehalem processor," as long as the Mac is running OS X Lion or better and has a video card that conforms to the standards of HF3 (there is a list on HitFilm's main site) then, yes, it should be able to run HitFilm.

    By "shrink", they mean--in layman's terms--a lower powered derivative that will still perform most of the tasks of the larger parent processor.

    But please consult the devs as I am neither an expert on Macs nor HitFilm's programming.

  • djonah
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    Thanks, I will ask the Devs about it.  If necessary I will upgrade/downgrade (if the right term) from Westmere to Nehalem 3.2 Quad.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    Have you tried installing the free demo and see how it goes?

    Westmere is a successor of Nehalem, meaning it is newer, so I think it should meet the processor requirements. What is your GPU in that Mac?

  • djonah
    djonah Website User Posts: 6

    My GPU is GTX680 Mac Edition, but I am upgrading to a GTX780.

  • SimonKJones
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    You should indeed be fine. As Axel says, it'd be worth running the demo as that'll give you an accurate representation of performance.

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