QuickTime is needed?

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Why is it necessary to download Quicktime/iTunes.  Can you still use HitFilm 3 Pro without it, or will I run into problems?


  • Triem23
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    QuickTime is required to read or write any file with an MOV extension. The actual QT software is required because of Apple's licensing policies, so it's out of FxHome's hands. Most DSLRs kick out MOV files. If you don't need to read/write MOV, you might be ok without it, but I don't work for FxHome and can't give a definitive answer. 

    I was able to install QT without iTunes  on my machine. 

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    Yes, you don't need to install iTunes when all you need is Quicktime.

    Also if you really don't want to install Quicktime but need to handle mov files from a dslr, they are mostly encoded in h.264, therefore just changing the file extension to mp4 will often work, because h.264 can live in both these containers. From the mp4 files you can then convert them to any editing codec you want - which I would recommend in this case especially , because I'm not sure if there might be sideeffects when just changing the container. Converting the files properly directly after you can be sure the files still work.

  • __simon__
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    In HitFilm go File -> Options -> Warnings and untick the "Show Quicktime Warning" option and HitFilm will stop warning you at startup.

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    @HitFilmerP You only need to install QuickTime and not iTunes (you can find it there: https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/).

    As said above, if you don't want to install QuickTime, you can disable the warning in the options but bear in mind that when HitFilm starts it will still try to find QuickTime and after a while it won't be able to find it.

    The easiest solution in my opinion is to just install QuickTime, even if you don't need it as you might do in the future and it will speed up HitFilm startup by a significant margin.

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    Triem23, Robin, Simon & Cedric Bonner...you all our awesome !!!!  I really appreciate the advice, as I have never done video editing before and I can tell you all our very knowledgeable....I'm just trying to get my feet wet, ....I feel like I'm back in school, but Im loving every minute as I watch all of the tutorials and attempt the various techniques.  For some reason my video keeps hesitating/sticking during play back. Im using a Radeone R9 280x PCIe graphics card, the guy at the store told me this was a good one....I don't know, but the sticking is not cool...Thank you all very much for the advice, and if you have any fixes for this problem I could sure use em......

    PEACE !!!    


  • woogli
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    Hey guys earlier when I had hitfilm 3 express, i did not have quicktime so mov files didnt work. But when i downloaded quicktime hitfilm shows that quicktime is missing from my pc and mov files are still shoing unsupported in media area

  • Sarasota
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  • woogli
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     Can somebody help me???

  • Aladdin4d
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    @Woogli You probably need to uninstall both QuickTime and HitFilm then reboot and re-install QuickTime making sure do to a complete install instead of a custom or recommended. After that re-install HitFilm

  • woogli
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    @Aladdin4d  Thnx will try for sure!

  • woogli
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    Well thnx for ur response but just restarting my pc after installing quicktime worked for me!

  • antonybutcheryahoogr
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    It did not work for me, uninstalled both, restarted, installed QuickTime first (with all checked on my second HDD) installed hitfilm (with all checked on my second HDD), I played video with quicktime, ran Hitfilm, still same warning

  • antonybutcheryahoogr
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    It worked after typical/complete install of Quicktime but I did not want to install it on SSD, but it woks thanks

  • xamberl
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    What do I have to do if i'm editing on windows 10, but filmed on apple? (iphone)

  • redrookhotmailcouk
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    QUICKTIME IS NOT NEEDED! Just change the .mov extension to .mp4.

    It's complete nonsense. Hitfilm clearly just looks at the file extension to decide, rather than actually checking how the file is encoded. As stated above, any footage is almost certainly encoded in h.264, which can be read by Hitfilm. 

  • Triem23
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     @redrookhotmailcouk some, not all mp4 encoded mov files will work with a change of extension. Of course you're ignoring miv files recorded with other codecs entirely. Otherwise I tag @NormanPCN and @Aladdin4d  to see if they feel like correcting you further. 

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    Kinda wild that old threads get resurrected in the Hitfilm forum with such frequency.

     The comment is close enough. AVC/H.264 was mentioned. Basically any MOV file with AVC video and PCM/AAC audio can be safely renamed to MP4 to work within Hitfilm. Only 8-bit 420 AVC video is supported. 

    Besides dropping the Quicktime requirement, there is a performance advantage to doing so.


  • bluekiwi
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    Hi there,

    so I tried to understand what you guys were talking about..(frequencies, formats, containers, etc), but it got way to complicated.

    I just need to know how to fix the problem with my Olympus-camera, exporting  MOV. Also I don't use Mac, so there's no Quicktime.

    Can someone please help me?

    I need to fix this problem quickly.



  • Palacono
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    Fourth post down in this thread has the answer you need:

    "You only need to install QuickTime and not iTunes (you can find it there: https://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/)."

  • bluekiwi
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    Thank you,

    i missed that.


  • PeteWilliamson
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    I know this is old but as Robin said in 2015, just renaming the MOV to mp4 worked for me.

    Using a Canon DSLR 600d and pulling into HitFilm Express 2017 (v5)

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