Star Wars: The Darkness Awakens

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Star Wars Movie i made!

What do you think?


  • Daniloth
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    Hi @ChrisMurphy.  That was very cool, and looks like you had fun making it.  Was it all done it Hitfilm?   Are you looking for any critical feedback?  I know everyone has their own vision, or already has thoughts on what they might do differently.

    Anyway, if you're wanting that kind of feedback, I know you'd get some positive/useful comments from the group here.

  • ChrisMurphy
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    Yea I would want critical feedback

  • Daniloth
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    Ok, well here are just some thoughts/observations.  Thought it was really good, so I'm mainly going to comment on things I think would make it even better.  To be fair, I haven't put anything out this ambitious, so please take this as positive.


    Lightsabers looked good and were consistent, including when occluded by other objects/people.  Good 'flash' when they clashed.

    ITS vs. IT'S in initial titles

    Darkness Awakens title could perhaps fade in somehow.

    The rings flare off the holograms are a bit static/distracting.  Some minor tracking quibbles with the hologram.

    Fade music out at ~2:05 instead of abrupt cutoff, or transition to something more sinister.

    Force lightning effect looks 2D, so looks a bit off with camera moves.  Also doesn't full connect with lightsaber blade as a result

    On the force pushes, cut out a few frames as the person pushed starts to move so you get a quick sense of acceleration.  Perhaps slight camera shake on impact with wall to 'sell it'.

    3:50... Feels like some continuity issues with getting hit, but hand not flying off..  Then he's back on his feet and falling to his knees again.

    4:31 I'm not sure what happened to the lightsaber blade, i.e. why did it vanish.  Perhaps a quick cut to it in his hand and sparking, with burn mark?

    Minor things would be wearing some boots vs. running shoes. (i.e. 2:40)

      Perhaps our hero could touch his ear so exposition moments could seem to be conversational to friend back at the ship.  Or have him 'start recording' with it so him speaking out loud makes more sense.

    FIght choreography was generally good, but some spots felt slow, and could either be sped up slightly in post, or edited tighter to retain that sense of speed. 


    Anyway, hope some of that is helpful to you.  Again, good job.

  • duffman
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    Looks like you guys had a great time doing this.  I don't want to be too nit-picky but:

    The intro was very good. Right off the bat, the gloves the hero is wearing caught my eye. How about black to match his coat.  The scene where the pilot gets slashed across his helmet/face....Maybe smear a lash on him with charcoal or some bit of makeup. Could have done a bit of particle blood splatter on the heros shirt when he get stabbed.  Or a mask showing a hole all the way through him.  Your music sound track is wonderful but the dialog is a bit too loud.

    Kudos on a great job and getting this done.  I have tried for a long time to get friends and family to do short films to no avail. So hats off to you, looking forward to whats next.


  • ChrisMurphy
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    Thanks for all the input! To be honest most of the difficulty when making this, and the reason some cuts were bad or the lack of longer shots, was the fact that is was sooo cold out when we shot this. I live in Upstate New York, (No not Poughkeepsie) real upstate, Utica, Ny. Gets extremely cold, it was lie 3 degrees out. Anyway it was just so hard to get multiple shots, we rushed through the shots fast. So pretty solid considering! haha

  • solosamuraiwhatchef
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    Good work.  well done on putting the project together.

    I will offer some hopefully constructive feedback. 

    Good working with locations. Good use of camera angles. If your using Hit Film maybe try some motion tracking on back ground buildings to maybe add some sci fi elements to give it an other worldly look?

    Where you can maybe avoid filming things that are too "earthy" eg sneakers etc. Garden gloves, can be painted to give them a worn texture (ive done this myself)

    Lastly if you need to have your actor talking to explain the situation or environment etc, perhaps instead of talking to himself maybe have him talk to his walk talkie (comm link) eg: as if reporting to someone rather than just to himself.

    If I was doing this project I would have had my actor report back to an R2 unit.

    example Actor "R2, Ive located what appears to be a rebel blaster, see if you can determine its age"  the actor could then pretend to scan the weapon his comm link.

    example 2: Actor "R2, you're analysis of the structure is right, looks like it has been abandon for years"


    Hope that helps?

    Keep up the good work!


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