Simulating artifical light for a special effect...

So I made the COLOSSAL mistake of shooting a scene that requires a special effect (like a fireball) and completely forgot to take the lighting into account (like the light from the effect).  So, are there any tutorials out there for simulating artifical lighting?


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    I think it would depend on your scene, and how the fireball would interact within it.

    There are 2 tutorials that come to mind initially, the first being an early greenscreen tutorial where they eliminate a keylight on the actors hair since it made no sense in the dark area they were placing him.

    The second is the fireball tutorial Simon (not @AxelWilkinson ) did where he's holding it in his hand.  Around the 17m mark he talks about making it look like the fireball light is interacting  with his face.


    There was also a tutorial with projectors that had a scanning/radar type effect that also appears to light things up as it moves over.

    Hope that helps.  I'm sure someone else will have more/better suggestions.

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    @Daniloth That's actually Simon in the second tutorial you linked, but no hard feelings. :) And he did use practical lighting in that footage, to help sell the effect; I can't recall for certain if he enhanced the lighting digitally or not.

    One trick I sometimes use is to duplicate the footage, set the blend mode of the copy to Screen, then use Curves or Levels Histogram to control how much affect it has on the highlights, midtones, and shadows. Then use masks to isolate it to the specific areas that would be affected.

    If I recall correctly,  Freddiew uses that basic technique in this tutorial on muzzle flashes. He is in AE, but the basic technique is the same.


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    Phil Wesson shows a technique similar to what Axel is describing in this tutorial, but in Hitfilm. Don't remember exactly where, but it's in the second half where he starts masking to create spill light on the wall and his face. 

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