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using the tutorial creating planets with the sphere effect doesnt work for me in hitfilm pro 3 . I am following the tutorial as best i can but the interface is not really the same but even so , its not working for me. 

I get this is a nice piece of software but without decent tutorials how is someone like me going to actually use this program . It not fun spending hours and hours as i have just done only to hit a brick wall in the symbolic sense and accomplish nothing for  8 solid hours later because i dont have the correct tutorial . And for me to realize the old fashioned trial and error methods to learn a software program doesnt really work out so well . 

      And that somewhere down the road i can pay for some tutorials , hmm , 

   I dont get why software companies dont put out tutorials and how they possibly expect people to figure out things. The older versions of this program are just enough different in the interface that its not going to be much good for a nooby like me .  But oh well i guess thats just the way it is then ?


  • Robin
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    For the recored, by choosing the "Classic" workspace in the workspaces menu (to the right of the undo/redo buttons), you get a workspace that's as close to the original HitFilm 2 workspace as possible, so that might help you to follow the tutorials a little better. Everything else should be mostly the same then, except for a little different look. That's why there isn't as much new tutorial material pushed out at the moment, because most things still work the same as in HitFilm 2 - so that allows the staff to focus more on the program itself, I guess, which you can see in the recent updates to the program.

    Also, if you need help with specific things, you can always come here to ask - nobody is going to judge you for asking newbie questions, as we all started somewhere, and this forum is exactly the place for that 

  • jaikez
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    Many thanks for  tip and i am sure its going to help now i have changed to the classic view .  And for sure i can already see that this is a real power house of a software program and i am happy i purchased it  ! 

  • Daniloth
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    Also, there was a recent post regarding creating procedural planets;

    It includes a link to download the project file, plus a discussion below on how to relatively simply create actual 3D planets.

  • Triem23
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    Take a look here. Hitfilm user Majahr uploaded some free sphere planets you can look at and modify.

  • jaikez
    jaikez Website User Posts: 19

    once again many thanks and all i can say is i am completely amazed 

  • SimonKJones
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    @jaikez - we will be releasing HitFilm 3-specific tutorials, too, so stay tuned for those. 

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