HitFilm3 and AVCHD files

Hi, a question:

When I tried to edit using AVCHD videos, they have a "ripple" effect on screen.  By that I mean, the image on screen becomes a bizarre series of horizontal ripples on screen whenever there's any movement.  This is the case both in editing, and when I converted the final product.  I have to convert the video files to MP4 before I ever import them, in order to get rid of it.

Does HitFIlm have any plans to become more compatible with AVCHD videos?  Is there a feature I'm not aware of, to deal with this?


  • Triem23
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    Sounds like you footage was shot 1080i, which means it's interlaced. 

    The Hitfillm Pro 3 Update 2 released today has the brand-new Deinterlace filter, which is exactly what you need. 

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    To clarify, interlacing is not specific to or unique to AVCHD footage, nor does all AVCHD footage use interlacing.  So the issue is nothing to do with AVCHD, and everything to do with interlacing.  And as Triem23 mentions, if you don't have he option of recording progressive footage with your camera, and have to film interlaced, then the latest HitFilm update includes an interlacing tool which will help.

  • Thank you so much for this; I have downloaded the update, and will see if that's the issue.

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    Eric, let me refer you to this thread--I have a long post in there that also applies to you. hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/6132/stupid-technology-questions#latest

  • Hi EricMBlake, is it possible that your AVCHD is not well accpted by HitFilm? Transcode AVCHD to another working video format would be abetter solution.

  • emma24xia: As I noted in my original post, I had up to now had to convert the footage into MP4 format.  My concern is that I might be sacrificing a bit of quality, due to that.

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    Triem23: You mention in the other thread adding a Deinterlace filter to the clips in question.  Will there be a tutorial for how to do this in the near future? 

    EDIT: Just answered my question.  It is in the "Effects" tab, under "Video Clean-up".  Thank you!

  • Triem23
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    Eric, glad you found it--I have not actually installed Update 2 on my machine yet. My guess is that the Deinterlace filter is basically a button or toggle with two basic options. Not much more than that. I will see for myself when I get a chance. :-) 

  • It's rather like how you'd add a "fade".  You go to the "Effects" tab, scroll down to the "Video Clean-Up" list--one of its options is Deinterlace.  You click, hold, and drag it onto the shot.