Anyone know if MXF exporting is coming?

I'm a Media Composer, Pro Tools, Resolve artist and Hitfilm would fill a nice void in SFX at the facility here. However, without MXF to move between platforms it seriously blocks adoption of Hitfilm here. 

Any ideas if MXF is even a consideration?

Thank you.


  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 896 Enthusiast

    I certainly hope it is. Or something that will allow HitFilm to interoperate with other software. I'm working on a film that I'm editing in Edius (because of the large number of ProRes files problem), that's going to require a lot of compositing fairly soon, and right now there's no practical way to do that in HitFilm. Which is a bummer, because HitFilm's chromakey effect is amazing.

  • RobinDaviesRollinsonRobinDaviesRollinson Website User Posts: 40

    I suppose those of us who use Sony Vegas Pro 13 are lucky, since we can have mxf files on the Vegas timeline which is fully integrated with Hitfilm.

    Right-click a shot in Vegas and move straight to Hitfilm for compositing.

    One thing which would be better though would be the ability to open the files in Mocha as well...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,275 Ambassador

    Vegas/mocha integration would be a Wishlist item for Imagineer. 

    Regarding Hitfilm import/export to/from other software, I recommend using PNG image sequences (if your footage is 8-bit-per-channel color) or Open EXR image sequences (16-bit/channel) to move. Yeah, it's another step, but it usually takes less time to render image sequences than video files, it gives you the best possible output to transfer (because you're not compressing and recompressing), and Hitfilm can import/export both formats. 

    Besides, most of the "real"  FX houses are working in image sequences until final assembly. Besides faster renders and maximum quality output, you also have an advantage of, if something happens mid-render--crash, power failure, etc--you start the rerender from the last complete frame, not the beginning. 

    Just a thought.  

  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 896 Enthusiast

    What I don't have is a dedicated sound team... or time to resync all of the dialog by hand. Or timecodes to sync with. I tried using the image sequence option as an exchange format, and discovered that my dialog was gone... in a dialog scene.

  • emma24xiaemma24xia Website User Posts: 85

    That would be great if the MXF exprting is true. But it is not sure the the exported MXF can be used widely since not all devices or players support this kind of file format.

  • WhiteCranePhotoWhiteCranePhoto Website User Posts: 896 Enthusiast

    True. Support for a wider variety of codecs would be a big help. I'd be happy with support for DNxHD/DNxHR or Grass Valley's HQX, or something similar. Even DNxHD in QuickTime containers would work for me, since most of my tools do well with QuickTime.

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