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I am new to hitfilm 3 pro and the first step tutorial i find it to be very advanced . Is there any tutorials that are for a beginner and show the basics 


  • Robin
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    Yes, on their YouTube channel, fxhome has set up many playlists of tutorials, covering anything from the basics to advanced particle simulations. Most of them are for HitFilm 2 (or even 1), but almost all principles still apply to HitFilm 3 - if you set your workspace to "Classic", it will certainly help with following the tutorials as all the panels will be arranged to closely mirror the layout of older HitFilm versions. If you have any specific problem where something doesn't work like in the tutorial, don't hesitate to ask! :)

    EDIT: You can also use this thread to browse through  a huge base of tutorials for HitFilm: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/4699/learning-hitfilm-an-epic-study-course/p1

  • KirstieT
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    Project One is probably the best tutorial to get your teeth into (or is that the one you're talking about?). We produced it specifically for those new to HitFilm 3 Pro, so it's catered right for you :) 

  • Mountainman7
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    Hello Kirstie,

    When I downloaded Project One, and opened up Hitfilm 3 Pro, I didn't see the file. I looked in my downloads file and found a zip file. When I opened the zip file, I saw the various items to be used in the Tutorial, yet they were not in Hitfilm 3 Pro when I went to the work station? Any idea how I can get this file where I can work with it. I tried Media/Import already.

  • Triem23
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    You'll have to unzip the zip file to be able to use the files in hitfilm. in Windows, this should be as easy as right-clicking the ZIP file and selecting "Extract here"

  • Mountainman7
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    I am also new to Hitfilm 3 Pro, and I have never owned any of the Hitfilm platforms before. I attempted to create a green screen and even reviewed tutorials on Youtube, and the Hitfilm website. I think my difficulty comes with making sure the background video is visable, without having the foreground being transparent. The foreground of course was shot with the green screen back ground. The video tutorials  were a bit dated, and did not appear to review the process in a step by step method applicable to Hitfilm 3 pro.

  • Triem23
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    I don't believe there's any difference in the Chroma Key and Matte-related effects and procedures from Hitfilm 2 to 3.

    Getting a clean key is an art in itself--in fact entire books have been written about nothing more than lighting and shooting greenscreen--and a single example/tutorial can never cover all shots (I'm dealing with greenscreen footage myself, tonight.). Is your screen evenly lit? Is your actor well lit and far enough forward from the screen to avoid shadows?

    One trick I find useful sometimes is to put a saturation adjustment before the chroma key--really crank up the green to even out the scree. Then I key the footage, turn this layer into an embedded composite shot, and use the embedded version to drive a set matte on a second copy of the footage.

  • Andy001z
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    Without seeing your setup hard to say, but is this a case of not having the layer in the right blend mode? (i.e. ADD or SCREEN).

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