Using scale models in HF 3 Pro

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HI there

New HF user thanks to upgrading to Sony Vegas Suite 13.

In the 70s, Starwars was filmed using a lot of physical scale models. I would like to do something similar and am curious if there are any HF tutorials outlining this technique.

Filmriot have an AE tutorial using a helicopter, and I saw another quick and dirty youtube example that looked brilliant, again using a scale model.

Something like this:

I guess I can just film the model doing the thing(s) I want it to do and then use each clip as an asset, however I was curious if there was a way to film or photograph every "side" of a model and use that somehow to have complete control over orientation and movement of a model in HF.

Hope that make sense.

Thanks in advance.


PS. Would be keen to see you guys upgrade to real forum software... ;-)



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