"MMO Gaming Mice" and Editing

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I recently picked up a Naga Razer 2014 MMO Gaming Mouse specifically for use with Hitfilm, Vegas and Photoshop (ok, ok, and my other audio/video/graphics software).

If you're not familiar with the class of "MMO Gaming Mice," basically you end up with a whole lot of extra programmable buttons on the side: The Naza Razer, Logitech G600 and RedDragon Perdition, for example, all have a 12-button grid on the side where your thumb would rest.I went with the Naga because I liked it's layout a bit better than the Logitech. I could have saved some money with the RedDragon, but it's reviews made me feel like it was a cheaply made product based on intellectual property theft. *shrug*

I'm trying this out as a replacement for my recently deceased Contour Shuttle Pro (you lasted me 7 years, Shuttle Pro, and served well) and, so far, it seems to be useful. I love the Shuttle Pro and I will be getting another one of those, but the MMO mouse is going to take up less space in my laptop bag than the Shuttle Pro.

In the case of Hitfilm, I haven't finalized my key bindings yet, but, for Vegas, six of the thumbpad keys are assigned to Camera 1-3 Cut/Dissolve for multicam edits with other keys being bound to varied navigation functions--stepping forward/backwards by edit or to beginning/end of timeline, for example. The scrollwheel clicks down, left and right, so in Vegas these are set to J (left) Enter (center) and L (right) so my basic shuttle commands are now at my fingertips.

In Hitfilm, so far I'm using a similar arrangement for the scroll wheel. In Photoshop the thumb grid is assigned to toolbox selections and the scroll wheel left/right is set to brush size.

Basically these mice have configuration software allowing one to set up custom key bindings attached to individual programs.

For the record, I don't MMO since City of Heros got boring back in 2005. I picked this puppy up solely because I thought it would be useful for editing. I was right.

Anyone else have a favorite hardware peripheral that's useful for editing or a favorite technique? I would recommend at least taking a look at one of the MMO Gaming mice and seeing if it looks right for you, or, failing that, something like a contour Shuttle Pro--editing with a proper shuttle/jog wheel is a joy and a half (although it's pretty nice using the scroll wheel on the mouse for JKL scrolling)!

Here's the Amazon Page showing all their available MMO Gaming mice if you want to check that sort of thing out: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i:aps,k:mmo mouse

And here's the Contour Design product page for the Shuttle Pro. http://ergo.contour-design.com/ergonomic-mouse/shuttlepro-v2



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    Sounds cool - I always like my mice to have a few additional buttons, but I've never looked into the full-on MMO gaming mice for productivity work. Do you find yourself clicking buttons accidentally, or are the designs solid enough for that to not happen?

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    Time will tell. This is my first night playing with it, but this particular mouse fits my hand well, and I haven't had issues yet. My palm tends to rest more towards the back hump of the mouse, so the thumbgrid isn't in my way when I don't want it. This places the buttons I assigned to navigation (next/previous edit) ripple edit toggle, group/ignore group toggle, copy/paste, save and split in easy reach with a little more stretch needed for multicam switching. Ergonomics are pretty close to optimal for me.

    If one were to rest one's palm farther forward, I can see where one might generate accidental presses. The Naga has nice clicky mechanical switches in it, so you really know when it's been clicked. 

    It's nice that I can assign different keybinds to different programs and assign different dpi sensitivity to different programs as well... Crank up the dpi in Vegas and Hitfilm for when I don't want to move very far to get the cursor jumping, turn in down in Photoshop for fine control. You can assign multiple key binds in a program as well, so, in theory, I could have a set of bindings for mulicam, and another set of binding for detailed edits--say if I wanted to be able to quickly expand or collapse track heights, or toggle envelope visibility in Vegas, you can assign macros as well, so one could do something silly like assign the word "light" to a button for quick effects filtering in the Hitfilm plug-ins list? 

    I've had a long love affair with my Contour Shuttle Pro--and I'll be replacing her--but in some ways the MMO mouse is more convenient. I don't have the fine control I'd have with a shuttle/jog wheel, but it's nice to not have to take my hand off the mouse and move it to a different bit of gear.

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    About half a year or so I got the Logitech G700s - for the same reason you got that mouse, because of the freedom that comes with lots of programable buttons. I'll admit I also do a good amount of gaming with it (not MMOs, though), but it comes in really handy for editing as well. I just enjoy having frame back/forth and undo/redo at my thumb (the ctrl+z just doesn't cut it on a german keyboard -.-), also adjusting dpi sensitivity on the fly is a huge plus. Also, one reason I got this particular mouse, is it's flexibility regarding connection - I can use it wireless when I'm on the go, and seamlessly switch to cabled connection to recharge the battery when needed.

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    I was really tired of my old keyboard but I'm cheap so I kept it until it finally had more problems than it was worth. I replaced it with an RGB mechanical keyboard. I don't have all the color profiles and key bindings set the way I want them yet but so far I'm pretty happy. Long term I want to set up key bindings so shortcuts are more or less uniform across the applications I use so if I start in Vegas and use J,K and L and then switch to HitFilm I can switch the keyboard to my HitFilm profile making J,K and L behave just as they do in Vegas. This is just a shot of my beginning color layout for Vegas.

    Vegas Color Profile

    My 17 year old jog/shuttle control recently quit too they just don't make 'em like they use to :). There's no steps to the jog wheel and there's a small switch just to the upper left of the jog wheel that switches between jog and shuttle modes. The five keys across the bottom default to transport controls but the two keys on the left modify the functions of those five keys so in practice you have a possible15 programmable shortcut keys. I'm going to try salvaging the case and mechanical components to make a "new" controller.

    Jog/Shuttle Top

    Jog/Shuttle Bottom

    Basically all the chips and components you see here can now be replaced by a Teensy controller board.

    Teensy++ 2.0 

    If I'm successful I'll end up with a fully programmable USB controller that looks and works EXACTLY like the controller I've been using for nearly 10 years now.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I found another MMO mouse even cheaper (I did mention I was cheap right?) than the Redragon Perdition. It should be here tomorrow.

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    I love the Shuttle Pro as well.  I use my mouse in my right and the shuttle pro in my left.  Useful for editing commands and switch to keyboard for more picky commands.  Hand always on mouse.  But then I use it mostly for Vegas to do editing.  Love the jog wheels

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    HI, anyone know how to sync shuttle pro v2 with hitfilm 4 express/pro?

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