Operation Blackout

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edited August 2011 in Practical Filmmaking
Shot this about 6 weeks ago, and I've just been slowly editing it together. It's an 8 minute action film, didn't do an awful lot of planning prior to shooting. Shot on the 550D, mostly handheld.

For anyone following my '2023' Production thread, the camera work in that film is a massive improvement compared to this one. I don't want to pick apart my own work, But I've been seeing this film primarily as film making practice in preparation for '2023'


  • RodyPolis
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    Pretty cool stuff! The compositing is mostly good and the location is nice. The camera work could be improved because it looks like the cameraman can't see his subjects well enough to frame them properly. But like I said, pretty cool stuff! good job
  • Nice work(Y).
    The only thing I would change in next videos is to lower the sound of guns reloading and aiming etc(so not the shots, those are great).
  • 3dmus
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    Girl in wheelbarrow at 3:30??
  • Nice action! Wondergull bloodsplashes!
    The last scene, with CGI helicopters was less good.
  • RossTrowbridge
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    I really liked it. The effects worked well (until the helicopter/jet shot at the end).
    I was wondering about the girl in the wheelbarrow as well. The hero could have just grabbed the handles and rolled off into the sunset... 8-|
  • StormyKnight
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    Nicely done, Phil! I'm not even going to pick on you by pointing out that the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car or make jokes about those 10 pound notes being difficuly to carry. :))
    But seriously, I really liked what you did here even if you look at it as practice. The effects blended in very well but I too question the girl in the wheel barrel (was that a mistake?). Have you thought about building a handheld camera stabilizer? You can make them cheap and they really help even if there is running involved. Just a thought.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
  • Good job on that one! Im sure you had some fun filming this too!
  • DanielMorgan
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    Very nice fast paced editing, I think the second half was much stronger than the first half. I think you improved as you went along. I liked the overall tonality of the film, Makes me even more excited for 2023 XD
  • adam
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    Nissan Micra 3-Door: the preferred car for drug dealers :P
    Really liked it.. just one thing I'd point out other than the things above, the gunshots at 7:54 don't glow or really interact with the environment (glow on the walls etc)