A basic question about the FCPX and HF workflow

I edit in FCPX. I want to bring in a shot from my FCPX edit into HFU2. I work in ProRes HQ (ProRes 422). So in FCPX, I render out the clip in ProRes HQ. I open it in HFU2, do my comps/effects the HFU2 and then from HFU2, I render it once again in ProRes HQ. Now I import that into my FCPX timeline and continue to edit.


So my question is: Is that how it should be done? And more importantly: Do I get any compression and lose data in doing this process?


  • StephansBilderwelt
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    I have the same workflow as you have. When you export again, make sure that you bring up all values. But I think you will always lose a bit quality while compressing. 

  • ElCuajinais
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    What do you mean bring up all the values @StephansBilderwelt?

    Also, an awesome trick I discovered that you may or may not know:

    IMPORTANT: First have a backup copy somewhere safe of whichever source file you are planning to edit on HitFilm.

    Now then, having and intact source file as backup in a backup directory, you can do the following:

    When you export the file from Hitfilm, give it the same name and location as the file FCPX is using. In essence, what I’m saying is to have HitFilm  overwrite the source file FCPX is using. This is something you normally wouldn’t do as it is a destructive edit, and that is why I mention you need a copy of your source file. So why do this? Well because now when you go back to FCPX, the new output file from HitFilm will be already sitting in your timeline! FCPX will not notice it is a new file! So in essence, HitFilm (standalone, I don’t own the HitFilm plugins) becomes a mega plugin for FCPX!!! I tried this because Chris Fenwick has mentioned he does this with photoshop/after effects, so I gave it a try in HitFilm and sure enough, it works!

    Two things to keep in mind when doing this huge time saver:

    1. Have a backup of your source file.
    2. You need to wait until Hitfilm renders out the file to 100% before tabbing back into FCPX. If you switch back to FCPX while HitFilm is rendering, FCPX will prompt you that a file is missing and you will need to go through the relinking file ordeal. But if you wait until HitFilm completes the render, you just switch to FCPX (without even needing to relaunch) and the HitFilm exported file will be sitting in your timeline with every FCPX edit/effect/correction you made before you modified it in HitFilm!
  • StephansBilderwelt
    StephansBilderwelt Website User Posts: 523

    Good trick, I will give it a try. About the values, I meant all the render values in the export panel. 

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