Possible reasons for video and audio out of sync in HitFilm 3 Pro

First off, let me say that I've supported these folks since AlamDV, through, VisionLab HD, all the way up to HitFilm and I've been a big fan of the stuff that's been done with it.  Love the package.

Now, for the problem.  I have footage that I shoot at 24P that I've tried to edit within HitFilm 3 Pro.  Edits are clean, when I play the edit timeline back, everything plays just like I've edited it.  I've made sure my project settings were the way I wanted. 

Yet, whenever I export this video, my video is much slower than my audio, causing the whole thing to be out of sync.  I've tried everything...played with settings, made sure unnecessary services were not running the background...disabled stuff and I still get this problem.

So, is there a limitation with HitFilm dealing with video shot at 24P or am I missing something?


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