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Once I export a 3d object from Daz studio it creates a obj file and also a mtl file, however HF3 can't read the mtl file, therefore I have no texture. I cannot find a program that can convert an mtl file to another, i.e png or jpg.


Any ideas



  • spydurhank
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    The MTL file is not a texture file so don't worry about that.

    An mtl file is created when you export a model as a .obj file. The mtl file contains texture coordinates and material information that is used by other software that can import .obj files, such as HF3P.
    The mtl files tells the host application, in this case HF3P, how your textures should wrap around a model and gives you access to the materials that you created for your model in Daz studio. Make sense? All you need to do is, let HF3P know in which directory your textures are so you can see them on your model in your viewport. 

  • Thanks for the quick response Spydurhank, I think I understand. :-)

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