HitFilm needs Puppet Pin tool like in AF

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The Puppet Pin tool is used to animate still images.

A series of tourism videos were made using this technique.


  • SoFuegoProductions
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    Rather than using AE as the module to directly emulate in the case of this tool, I think HF could make something even more powerful. The puppet tool is great and all, but it is lacking on it's own in terms of animation capabilities. Replace it with an awesome 2D IK deformation toolkit like what Anime Studio Pro offers (their smart bone system is amazing), and users will love it that much more.

    Of course another way to make it better would be by rolling it out with similar features that the script Duik (an amazing customization freely available) introduces in AE.

    But above all, one major thing that would be important for this tool to work well would be improving on keyframe management (and possibly expressions), otherwise it will give some serious challenges to more complex animations.

  • DreamArchitect
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    I'm not sure I peronally would want the small hit film team spending time on this as it would take them some considerable time to develop. If however there is a plugin maker out there with something similar already a deal with them to make a hitfilm compatible version would be a great idea. That works all round and frees up the devs for more core development while still adding the functionality that you guys want. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying they shouldn't do this, just my personal preference would be for other things like more things being parentable to points (3d lights for one) yours clearly is for more animation features. We'll see what the new year brings, maybe both :-)

  • SoFuegoProductions
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    I agree completely. Hope I didn't imply otherwise. I was throwing out ideas that might be useful in the future when HF has the resources to introduce this feature. Core functionality is definitely way more important than extra frills that could be easily solved by adding other programs into the workflow.

  • DreamArchitect
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    No not at all, thing is we all have our own ideas of what we'd like to see in hitflim, that's what makes this place so great. 

  • TommyOliver
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    God I'd love to have something like IK or the Puppet Pin tool in HitFilm, either native or via plugin. It's on of my favorite Adobe features and since I'm using it for motion graphics work it could help a lot

  • Rudi
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    Wow ! most interesting video and information

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