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My current day job is in IT at a university where I am in charge of storage. I'm currently trying to redesign storage workflow for the department that handles video production on campus. They have been dumping all their archival footage onto the main storage system to the tune of 4 TB.   And I need to find a better way for them to mange their files while at the same time getting them off the general storage area.

Back in the day when we shot on tape, we'd ingest the footage into a non-linear system, edit, make a master and then the raw tape and master went on the shelf. There does not seem to be the equivalent storage flow today since the original digital capture media is reused and not kept as a raw master.

I was wondering what some of you do with video storage and what you do with archival footage that may only need to be retrieved once in a blue moon.

The video guys are dead set against archiving to blu-ray or something similar due to long term volatility of the media.


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    So, I mix 5 HD inputs into a live webstream for local government where we're required to keep an archive of all public proceedings in perpetuity and be able to produce them quickly for public records request.  We recently transferred 20 years of old DAT audio recordings onto a Mobius 5-bay hard drive enclosure and are moving our video archives to another.  The enclosure allows several different RAID options.  We installed 4, 4TB hard drives inside the enclosure set to RAID 1 mirroring. 

    Essentially,  we've got 2 identical copies of 8TB of storage.  We're budgeted this year to build a duplicate of the system to make an additional mirrored copy to store off-site in another facility for an over-the-top level of data protection.  Each enclosure has an on/off switch which I only turn it on during weekly backups. The enclosure itself gets rave reviews on Amazon and BHPhotoVideo and has given us no issues this first year.  I think that with the hard drives our current configuration would run about $700 total. Thinking of getting one for home.

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    @Porq Thanks!  Good info.   FYI, our current system is a 130 TB SAN in the data center that all the buildings/departments dump their data into. 

    After doing a little more research I'm starting to lean toward a hybrid approach where the video department would put their archive footage on a local raid, such as the Mobius you mention, but also dump off to a desktop LTO-5 tape drive as another layer of redundancy. 

    But this goes against the grain of our centralized approach to data management, which up to this point, has been big onsite disk replicated to offsite disk.  So, there are some political hurdles, as well.

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    I hear you.  I.T. keeps talking about backing up our files to a centralized location, but storage and bandwidth issues make them uneasy when they look at infrequently accessed archives with files measured in GB's.  Redundancy is always paramount when archiving data.  Redundancy is always paramount when archiving data. ;)

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