Windows update causing problems?

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Has anyone else experienced a lot of HitFilm crashing since the latest windows update went out? Something must have gotten updated, because it's been crashing pretty regularly now, and it hasn't done this in the past. :-/


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    Please provide more details - when it crashes, is it when you use a particular feature/tool/button? Do you get an error message? Is it reproducible? It's not possible to diagnose if we don't have a clear idea of precisely what's happening.

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    That's why I was asking; HitFilm was crashing while simply editing, which hasn't been a problem before. It's not that big a project; only around 120 GB of ProRes HQ in HD. I hadn't even added audio, and yet HitFilm crashed several times. It recovered the project every time so I didn't lose any work, but I'd also updated my laptop with the latest Windows patches earlier that evening.

    Every once in a while, I got a message from Windows that HitFilm had stopped working... no other warning.

    If it would help, I can upload a copy of the project to my Google Drive and share it with you

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    here i go again..i can't download updates..i'm running win7 64 bit on a laptop with 12 gig of's a i7 proc...all my drivers are up to date...i'v disabled my norton 360 and checked with both norton and winzip tech support..both have said that there products are not the cause of this problem.i've checked my system with SFC from microsoft reports no issuues..i've been intouch with the tech support  at hitfim..despite their best efforts including a remote session ...the error  says the files are corrupt or the signature is not right..3.0.3813 is the present version being i was able to update to thatcfrom 3.0.36 was some kind of luck as the HTM tech was not able to do it and i dont know what i did exactly to get it done

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    i dont' even know when u guys respond to these post...this si all rediculouis...i install htm 2 ultima with no problems as well as htm3's has only since the updates have come along that i'm having all these problems.. i've used mozzella and google chrome but still having issues..i've tried to do this in the safe mode...i need help

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    That sounds really weird. If the files downloaded to your pc are already corrupt, maybe the network is the error. Just guessing wildly here, but have you tried downloading from another network / another pc?

  • lsanderlsander Website User Posts: 4

    sorry i have not responded...gonna try to d/l on another cpu running win 8.1 and c what happens ...will get bck to you


  • emma24xiaemma24xia Website User Posts: 85

    Will HitFilm be compatible with the coming Windows 10 system? I'm seriously concerned about it.

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    @emma24xia I'm pretty sure HitFilm will run under Windows 10 with no problems. Windows always had a very high binary compatibility, meaning if programs ran under older versions there was always one way or another to get it running on the newest. Additionally I don't believe the developers won't adapt HitFilm to Windows 10 with an update. Would be a very unreasonable decision seeing ALL Windows 7 and 8 owners will get Windows 10 for free. I happen to have the Windows 10 preview installed on a laptop, I might be able to check if HitFilm already runs on that tonight.

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    Okay, I tried that and can confirm that HitFilm indeed runs smoothly on Windows 10 evaluation copy (Build 10041). I had a little freeze while trying a few things, but I encounter those every now and then outside HitFilm as well, they're most likely the fault of the weak laptop combined with a buggy Windows 10 Preview.

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