How to create the walkie talkie effect?

tuckerkras12 Website User Posts: 64

hello, I am sure one of you geniuses could tell me how to create the walkie talkie effect using hitfilm 3 or sony vegas pro13. I need it for an upcoming short film.  thank you!


  • MichaelJames
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    describe the effect?  Are you talking audio or visual?  Any pictures or video you can share so that we can know exactly what you are talking about?

  • tuckerkras12
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    Sorry, I need this for mainly an audio effect. I need to simulate people talking on talkies and I need to show a video where a voiceover is incoming, but need it to sound like it was coming through the talkie. Thanks Michael for your help.

  • AxelWilkinson
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     Have you considered just recording the audio through an actual walkie? Walkie Talkies can be had for pretty cheap these days. If you just need it for recording audio, a cheap $9 toy version like this would probably work spiffingly: 

    HitFilm doesn't have tools for this sort of audio manipulation, but Vegas very well might. I'm not familiar enough with it to say for sure.

  • NullUnit
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    Axels way would be the easiest by far.

    If you really want to create it manually you'll need a program that focuses more on audio. Vegas or Sound Forge will do it. Off the top of my head, this is how I would create it:

    Use an EQ to pull out all of the low end. Then I would boost the mids and lower the highs a bit.  Then add a bit of distortion. Then youll need to find a nice clicking type of sound and add that to the beginnings and endings of dialogue lines to simulate the click of the walkie talkie switch turning on and off. 

  • MichaelJames
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    Or I think there is probably free walkie talkie sounds... That's not the most in demand sound effect.  Im look on Amazon and you can get some for 90 cents... or record the sound a tv makes when its on a channel with no signal and then cut it in and out after .5 of a second.

  • tuckerkras12
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    Thanks Fellas,

    appreciate that.  I have both sound forge and vegas so I will try that out and play with it a little bit.  BTW, Axel keep those tutorials coming and glad I picked Hitfilm over after effects, very pleased with it and been able to accomplish many things based on your tutorials alone.  

  • Rowby
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    I bet there is a smart phone app to create a walkie talkie voice.

  • jsljustin
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    I do the walkie-talkie effect a lot in my music recordings. If you are looking for a free way to do it, you could try audacity.

    Also, if you use audacity, or any other host that supports vst's, an excellent plugin that comes with telephone-style eq presets is bx_cleansweep v2 (google "plugin alliance" and search for bx_cleansweep v2). It is free, it is very high quality, and it has telephone-style presets that work very well. Alternatively, like others said, you can use any old EQ and apply a sharp low cut filter from 1KHz down , then do a high cut filter from say 2KHz up, but experiment with the high and low cutoff points as every need and recording is different. Boost the remaining midrange, add distortion to taste. Serve with a tossed salad (haha, just kidding on the last one).

  • SonyVegas
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    1. Click on Audio FX

    2. Add Resonant Filter

    3. Lower the ''3rd'' and higher the ''2nd''

    4. Set the ''1st'' one between 1,000 and 2,000 kHz (or more, see yourself)

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