HitFilm unusable on two different machines. What am I doing wrong?

TommyOliver Website User Posts: 19

I wanna love HitFilm.

I really, really do.

But I just can't.

This is one of the most unstable applications I've ever used, to the point of it being completely unusable. I've tried both HitFilm Express 2 and the HitFilm 3 trial, I've tried using both version on my late 2013 MacBook Pro, as well as my desktop PC (i7 3770, GTX 650 ti BOOST) but the symptoms are always the same. Crashes almost every 5-10 minutes without fail. 

I'm not doing anything overly complex. Editing a 1080p clip or two, working in a single comp with 5 or less elements, or even just importing a png, the application just continues to shit the bed. It's infuriating.

I really wanna buy HitFilm 3 Pro, because it's the perfect marriage of Premiere and After Effects, but with this kind of stability it's really out of the question.

I'm at my wits end, does anyone have any clue why two different versions of this program on two completely different systems behave exactly the same way?


  • rgbii
    rgbii Website User Posts: 965 Just Starting Out

    @TommyOliver while some people on the forum will offer some useful advice, I'd recommend also submitting a trouble report on this. There are probably going to want full details/specs on your system.



  • Triem23
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    edited January 2015

    In addition to what rgbii said, you may want to list any antivirus software you are running,  and the driver versions for your GPUs and what version of GeForce experience you have installed. 

    Hitfilm has known issues with certain antivirus software and certain NVidia drivers. 

    For the record, Hitfilm Express/Ultimate 2 and Pro 3 are rock solid on my machines. 

  • NullUnit
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    edited January 2015

    I agree that you should do a support ticket because I dont have the stability issues you describe on my computer at all. 

    Edited to add: 

    I would update your video card drivers to the latest versions. That could be the issue. 

  • Daniloth
    Daniloth Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 52 Enthusiast

    Yes, the support ticket should be done.

    Along with it, I would recommend including any specifics you can on the source/format of the video files you're using, since that could obviously be a commonality.

    You might want to attempt to use/'play' with some other source footage, just to see if the stability issues persist.

  • Har
    Har Website User Posts: 401 Enthusiast
    edited January 2015

    Agree with the others about putting in the support ticket. I'm running HFU2 on a PC with the same i7 3770 CPU as you as well as a lower power GPU (GTX 570), and don't have the crash issues that you're experiencing, so it does sound like something else is going on

  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 4,450 Enthusiast

    @TommyOliver sorry to hear about this. As you've pointed out, it should run fine, and our other users don't experience the crashing problems you're talking about. I've personally used HitFilm 1, 2 and 3 extensively on multiple machines without problems.

    This does suggest to me that there is likely to be some other common factor causing the problems on the two machines. Daniloth's idea about your source assets is certainly worth investigating. Also, as others have mentioned, do you have any third party software installed on the machines, such as anti-virus?

  • TommyOliver
    TommyOliver Website User Posts: 19

    I don't use antivirus on any of my Windows machines, and obviously don't on my Mac xD

    My camera is a Sony RX100 III, and I'm starting to think that it may be a possible culprit. I'm using the XAVC-S 50mbps codec for my video content. But today I've been working on a soley VFX project with only imported pngs and haven't experienced any crashing (yet, let's hope it stays that way!). Is there any precedent of HitFilm not playing nice with that codec?

  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Staff Administrator, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 5,247 Staff

    XAVC-S is not a supported format.  You can see a complete list of the formats HitFilm supports in the manual, here: http://hitfilm.com/reference-manuals/hitfilm-3-pro#supported_formats.htm

  • NullUnit
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    edited January 2015

    And it has become kind of a mantra around here to mention that its best to convert the footage that comes from your camera into an editing format like ProRes, DNxHD or PNGs like you did on your current project. Editing formats free up your computer to concentrate on running other things instead of decompressing your camera footage on the fly. 

  • DreamArchitect
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    edited January 2015

    Hi @AxelWilkinson,

    Firstly I know you are not a dev and this isn't a dig in anyway. It seems that hit film is allowing @TommyOliver to load this footage even though it's not supported. It would seem to make sense to stop this loading at all and give the user a concise but informative message as to why and how to solve it. One area where I find hit film lacking is in giving informative messages when media won't load. It tends to just say media won't load. It really should tell the user why so they might fix it without resorting to checking specs or the forum all the time. It would improve the user experience for sure.

    Just my two penneth. 

  • __simon__
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    The XAVC-S from the RX100 is the consumer version of XAVC and is really just a high bit rate mp4 (H.264 with either AAC or LPCM audio) so nothing special, seems to be missing all the goodness of full XAVC.  Thus I don't see any reason why it should be any different from any other mp4 and therefore should work fine in HitFilm.

    I've played around with short clips from an a5100, which also uses XAVC-S, and didn't have any problem. @TommyOliver, if you want to share a clip I'd happily try it on my system.

  • TommyOliver
    TommyOliver Website User Posts: 19

    Thanks @__simon__, I'm gonna continue playing around with stuff before I bother you though. Apparently HitFilm supports AVCHD, which is the other codec the RX100 records in, so I'll use that for a bit an see if stability issues persist. If they do we can rule out the codec as the culprit.

    Regardless though, I have to agree with @DreamArchitect, if a codec isn't supported, it shouldn't be able to import.

  • emma24xia
    emma24xia Website User Posts: 85

    I agree that you need post this issue to the support group, they may have the answer.

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