Anyone Using Vegas Pro13?

duffman Website User Posts: 235 Enthusiast

I just spent one of the most  frustrating mornings with 12. It wont remember that I have an external controller,crashes when I go into options to find the controller, turn on GPU acceleration and it crashes. In general 12 seems pretty unstable.

So how is 13? Might it be the lucky number?




  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,968 Ambassador

    13 is less buggy than 12. Sony didn't make a big deal out of it, but 13 has rewritten core-code rather than the series of patches and repatches of the Vegas 8 code that made 9-12. A key goal in Vegas 13 was increased stability. My source for this is a posting by a Vegas dev on the So-Cal Vegas Users Yahoo group--but I don't feel like looking up his post.

    GPU acceleration has still been wonky on NVidia cards. A lot of this has to do with changes to Nvidia architecture in the last two core hardware revisions: Vegas is not alone in having CUDA issues. (Which, when all is said and done, probably makes it better that Hitfilm is Open GL and not CUDA compliant). 

  • rgbii
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    Everything @Triem23 said.  I avoided Vegas Pro 12 as much as possible and used a copy of Studio 11 when I could.  Pro 13 does crash once in a while, but is much more stable than 12.

  • RobinDaviesRollinson
    RobinDaviesRollinson Website User Posts: 40

    I'm more than happy with Vegas Pro 13 - very stable with me. Great integration with Hitfilm too.

  • dancerchris
    dancerchris Website User Posts: 76 Just Starting Out

    Vegas Pro 13 stable for me.  Help file has been a bit wonky though.

  • Kadri
    Kadri Website User Posts: 171

    Vegas Pro 12 is very stable for me. I don't use the GPU effects just because i heard bad things about those problems. I have used it with an Ati card and now with a NVidia with no problem. Vegas Pro 13 doesn't seam so worth to me for an upgrade. Is it? I will wait for 14.

  • duffman
    duffman Website User Posts: 235 Enthusiast

    Thank you for all the replies.

    Been using VP12 since first came out. Yeah it was crashy and buggy, but nothing like what I went through yesterday. For some reason every bug showed up, continually.


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