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Hi guys,

just a quick question. Earlier I did a test animation image sequence render from Vue (e-on software). It has alpha and other channels.

Basically, I have 3 image sequence sets, the first is 24 bit .bmp files (250 of them), the other two sets are 8 bit .bmp files.

The 24 bit .bmp image sequence imported no problem into hitfilm 3 Pro, but the other 2 sets did not. At first I thought it may have been a filenaming issue, but I renamed to NameXXX.bmp and this didn't fix it.

Does Hitfilm not open 8 bit images as an Image sequence? I tried opening the individual files, no problems, but all I get when trying to import the Image sequence is an exclamation mark with the words "File Error".  Right clicking on it tells me "Invalid Media".

Any clues? Is this a known issue or limitation? Thanks for any help.



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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for reporting this, it doesn't sound normal. Let me investigate a bit more and I'll post here as soon as we've got more info.

    In the meantime I would suggest that you use another format to export image sequences or convert your existing ones to 24-bit BMPs.

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    To speculate here, an 8-bit image, of course, only has a palette of 256 colors and has to contain the palette information in the file.  In an image sequence it may be possible that the palettes are not identical--either different colors, or a different order in the LUT. Now a GIF sequence shares a common palette across the entire sequence, but BMP sequences are a different kettle O' fish. 

    Do you have anything to batch your BMPs to JPEG or PNG? Going to 24 bits should eliminate all issues.  

  • jsljustinjsljustin Website User Posts: 72

    Thanks for the replies, gents. It isn't a huge issue with this particular set of image sequences, and I can certainly convert or re-export into 24 bit. The image sequences that aren't importing that are 8 bit are basically masks / alpha channels that correspond to the main 24bit sequence, and are both grayscale, so I'm guessing that's why vue has set them to 8bit exports, as a large palette is not needed.

    The strange thing is that it just appears to be a problem just with importing these .bmp's as an image sequence. I was able to import the 8 bit bmp files no problem as single images into HF3P.

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