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Most of the following is irrelevant to my actual question however I want to give some background as to why I have this problem

I've started my first project in HF3, just my kids playing around in the back yard, however I shot it in UHD so that I could experiment with UHD. My PC is not fast enough for HF to handle UHD so I tired creating proxies for the clips.

I had already moved the proxy folder to another hard drive and allocated 50GB, which I thought would be heaps given the default size was 5GB. The first file I proxied is 43 seconds long and results in a 26GB proxy. I have 4 other files in the project totaling approximately 7.5 minutes. Clearly the 50GB will not be enough so I thought I'd increase it some more, 1TB should do the trick. But no, the Proxy Folder Size text entry field seems to have been limited to 5 digits resulting in a maximum size of 99999MB or just under 100GB. The proxy files are being created as I write this but I'm not holding my breath that they'll fit within the allocated 99GB.

Thus, my question to the HF devs: Can the maximum proxy folder size please be increased to allow for values in the TB range?

Do I need to create a support ticket for this? It's not really a bug just a arbitrary limitation.


  • Robin
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    Yeah, proxies can get quite big really fast. I was not aware of that limitation, but working with UHD files this limitation indeed seems a bit too low. This is nothing for a support ticket though, I would say it probably belongs best into the wishlist thread. The staff is closely monitoring that, so you're sure they'll see it.

    For now, to work around this if the space you could allocate isn't enough, you could make your own "proxies" by rendering your original media to an intermediate codec, either with full quality so just the codec making it easier for HitFilm to work with it, or with compressed quality and then for the final render use your original files again.

  • Ady
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    Hi Simon,

    I have logged this as a bug, increasing the proxy limit is something we can do.


  • __simon__
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    edited January 2015

    @Robin, thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a try.

    @Ady, thanks.

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