Plans/ Goals for your projects in 2015?

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So whats your Plans/ Goals for your projects in 2015?

Mine, is to continue on my current web series "Cook it Now With the Cookinator" my parody/cooking series. I want to further expand the VFX in Season 2. Also plan to start a new channel which will be a mix of projects.

As far as Hitfilm goes and where that falls into my plans. Well like previously said I want more and more VFX, better, bigger and more polished. The new projector feature is going to be very handy for concept ideas I have which include:

1. Large scale futuristic Battle scenes

2. More time travel sequences.

3.  Motion tracking to replace, limbs or heads, eye etc.

4. New title sequence. Chrome/rusted metal look for the lettering

5. Also some surveillance camera footage like that in "persons of interest"

So basically now its time to really start learning what Hitfilm Pro 3 can do so I can achieve this.

Whats your plans?


  • duffman
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    As of 5:00am this morning I finished a, not  sophisticated, but very serviceable 1 minutes web-vertisement video for my main business.  

    Pre Christmas I finished up a 4 song EP for a friend/client. He now wants me to help him do a vid for the main song: If Jesus Was Packin.  Aught to be able to use a ton of HitFilm gun shots and explosion in that one. He wants to try an have this done by June.

    Because of HitFilms' licensing I now have it installed on my computer in my main office and home studio.  2015 will be the year I can spend a ton of time with and really really dig into this program.  Over the past few weeks me and the particle system have become good friends.


  • StormyKnight
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    Main goal- a music video for a song I wrote a few years ago and have it out by Halloween. Should be fun working with some of the actors I know but will be tough to plan out around schedules and all.

    Secondary goal- get started on a movie idea for which I've been practicing VFX. I'd like to get at least 1/2 done or more.

    Tertiary goal- learn what the word tertiary means. lol  ;^) 

    WSStudios - love the Cookinator.

  • Har
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    My goals for 2015 mainly center around completing the goals I set for the past 2 years LOL - finish the music video projects I've been slowly working on between working on the new music that goes with it, and to finally get the green-light to officially release the music video I DID successfully complete last year but have to keep under wraps until my recording band's new album is released.

    Oh, and to also work on new stuff as well. ;-)

  • Patrick_C
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    My goal for 2015 is to learn with Hitfilm Pro professionell. The capability in editing and integrating from other Programms (AE CS6 and Maxon Cinema 4D) is given and I can't wait to expand my knowledge. My projects will manly focus on gaming movies and outdoor activites. As next I have to look for a friendly user audio programm for sfx and co.

    This year will be big! Regards Patrick

  • Stargazer54
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    My main goal is to finish my MBA in May.   Then it'll be time to decide if I'm staying in IT or getting back into the motion graphics biz.

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    My first goal is to finish editing + post for a web series pilot that we shot last January and April. I replaced our editor and started over. I haven't been able to work HitFilm into the workflow because it couldn't work with 2 TB of UHD ProRes, unfortunately, so I'm editing in Edius and will probably end up doing most of my post in Fusion or Houdini, because I can't export an editing friendly clip from HitFilm. I have a couple of small projects to work on that I think that I will be able to complete entirely in HitFilm however, which will help me learn HitFilm while the devs are addressing limitations like that. 

    The next goal is to shoot + edit several shorts while we're working on preproduction for a next web series pilot that has a simpler pilot (technically) but a much more ambitious and epic story arc. I'm hoping to be able to edit that one in HitFilm, and with any luck will have Tentacle Sync in hand by then, which hopefully means no need for waveform-based syncing for dual system audio.

    Next up is a feature film, that I am hoping that we can shoot with an Apertus Axiom. I'm in the May group, so I should have it in time. Hopefully. The big area of uncertainty will be compatibility between the Axiom Beta's experimental file format and the Atomos Shogun, as that will be our 4K recorder.

    Along with these bigger projects, we're looking at ways to get ourselves established as an independent film production company and get out of our regular day jobs.

    I'm intending to learn and use HitFilm as much as possible, and making the combination of HitFilm, Modo, Houdini Indie, and Edius basically the centerpieces of our post workflow, and using Resolve for grading if it becomes a major deal. However, I'm also intending to use the Spyder that I'm getting with my Shogun to help us color match our footage as well as we can in camera, and recording ProRes or DNxHR on the Shogun as well, in order to smooth out our post workflow.

    And somewhere in the middle of all this, I'm planning on climbing Mount Rainier again. :)

  • KirstieT
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    Eyyyyyyy, New Year filmmaking resolutions! I like it :)

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    I don't have new years resolutions. I have plans and partners ;)


  • SimonKJones
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    1. Edit my wedding video at last.
    2. Finish my Millennium Surfing novella and try to sell the **** thing.
    3. Get round to that series of quick tutorials showing how to replicate titles from trailers/movies/games/etc in HitFilm.

    That's January.

  • solosamuraiwhatchef
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    SimonKJones Movie trailer tutorial sounds great! look forward to that one!   I want to totally revamp my series "Cook it now with the Cookinator"  including new titles, so that would come in very handy.

  • DreamArchitect
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    @SimonKJones how about finishing the projection tutorial first 

  • SimonKJones
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    @dreamarchitect touché.

    To be clear, the quick title tutes I was thinking of doing at home in my own time. The camera projection stuff will be official tutes. :)

  • DreamArchitect
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    Haha @SimonKJones well we look forward to all of them. 

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