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I seem to have lost my functionality on the 3d plane - I do not do a lot of effects and things, but use it to "move things around in space".  Unfortunately, I can not remember the functionality stopped working upon getting HF3 or if I had used that functionality and now I can now longer do so. 

To be clear, I can not zoom in/out, use the control handles to drag things around, even change the camera perspective on the 3d plane.  did I click a wrong box somewhere in my settings, or is this not possible in HF3?  Which I doubt is the case, but I can't seem to find the controls to enable the functionality.  Any assistance is very much appreciated! 


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    There is a change from HF2 to HF3 in regard to 3d. 3d Models now import as a 2d layer by default. So, you just need to change the layer to 3d or 3d unrolled and then youll have the 3d controls. The software is designed this way and gives you more options in terms of how you use 3d in your session.

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    I have changed the layer to 3d and when I open up to "2 views" there is no ability within that 2nd view (the 3d plan) to use any controls. 

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    Can you show us a screen shot? What you describe should be perfectly possible, seeing what you're looking at will help pinpoint the problem.

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    Also, to clarify, you're referring to a HitFilm plane layer, right? Not a 3D model of an aircraft.

    In terms of how planes behave, nothing has changed between HitFilm 2 and 3, so it should work just as it always has.

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    You are correct Simon, not a 3D model. 

    The same issue has come up again today.  I am using a text layer that I have converted from 2D to 3D.  the particular composite shot is not too complicated  4 - 5 pieces of media currently only being images or text layers.  

    I am attempting to animate the text layers and the control handles in viewer window 2 (currently using the 'top' view) do not function.  They appear, but do not actually function. screen shot

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    So are you saying that the 'handles' inside the Viewer do not move the Layer?

    Could you maybe upload the Project so I can take a look at it?

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