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Hi, totally lost and confused. I got this software along with a green screen for christmas which I LOVE. And i understand all the editing process how to layer onto a background all that but where do i get these backgrounds from? I was told i could download some and have some with the software but i dont know where it is... help!


  • rgbii
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    Hitfilm itself doesn't come with pre-made backgrounds, however, it sounds like you got a package deal. I'd suggest checking the site it was purchased from for more details - I bet the backgrounds are a download.

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    I'm guessing it's one of the Tubetape bundles. You may need to have whoever gave you the gift retrieve the reciept or order number. You might need that information, and may need to create a Tubetape account to download the media.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    You can use pretty much any background you want in HitFilm.  Video files, still images, CG models - whatever background you want, from whatever source you prefer, just import it and place it into your comp. Since the selection of a background is usually quite specific to the project, and the footage you have shot, there aren't any backgrounds included with the software.

  • I have used video as background as well it does NOT have to be just an image.