Newbee: Importing .obj from Blender (text) creates strange shadow on text

Hi! Im new to this, but i tried to create a text in Blender and exported that as a .obj file. And then tried to import it in Hitfilm 3 PRO, but on the import screen the text had strange shadows on it. What did i do wrong?

Screenshot of import of 3D object .obj


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    looks like your normals may not be consistent when you have converted the text object to the mesh, convert to a mesh, go into edit mode hit A a couple of times until all vertexes are selected, to control N to recalculate normals or it's in mesh normal, recalculate outside.  When you export to obj there is an option to force triangulation as well, click that for good measure as we have seen issues on imports that are quads.  

    If that doesn't fix it post the blend file and I'll have a quick look! 

    (to check normals, they will look black if the wrong way around, on the right hand tool bar you can click the normals selection and it will send a little line out from each face/line/vertex in the direction of the normal so you can visualy check, also in shading you can turn on back face culling that will hide any face that is not a front so it's easy to see as you are modeling.  lots of other stuff as well as you dive in deeper :-)

  • spydurhankspydurhank Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,829 Ambassador

    Also try... alt+j

    This will remove double faces which always occurs when you convert a text object into a mesh.

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    Ok, thanks for swift reply and the fix. I tried to do what you said, it kinda worked, except the text got dark.

    Test text from Blender v2, now dark text in HF3


    here is the link to the project file:

    Maybe there is a tutorial on how to successfully export text from Blender, to be used in third-party apps?

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     Hiya the link doesn't work for me says you need a pro account to link.  All the info is out there for creating nice text but it's all hidden in lots of other tutorials!, let me see if I get a chance later today and I'll do a quick and dirty tutorial on it, even if you get your normals correct it's still going to look bad how you have it in the screen shot as you have razor sharp edges but then as soon as you do that you'll run into issues with edge splitting etc. 

    It's pretty easy but you do need to put a little planning into it to make it look nice.


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    wish i could edit an earlier forum entry, but try this link to see if you can get the blender project file:!473&authkey=!ABGBeiWWG7WVQ50&ithint=file,blend

    spydurhank  : Yes i used Remove Doubles ! ( alt + j)

    mark_e : Any help would be appreciated! :)

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    I played around in 3D model Import in HF3 and got it to work:

    The trick was to in the advanced settings i had to under Normals: tick off "Flip Normals" and choose  generation method: Faceted

    Now import obj from Blender works

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,303 Ambassador

    The thing is, you shouldn't have had to flip normals at all. Somehow, in Blender, you reversed all your normals! Oh well--glad you figured it out.

  • VikingFilm65VikingFilm65 Website User Posts: 261

    @Triem23: Ok, thanks,  I will look into that! :)

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    Might be because at the time of normal recalculation in blender, somehow blender assumed the outside is actually the inside. So, the model might still have some problems (I recall using text in blender always being some sort of trouble), but if you got it working for now that will do ;)

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    In blender in edit mode in the mesh tab there's normals recalculate outside that will fix it but beware as Robin said with the text to mesh conversion it's easy to get one test item inside out and the rest the correct way around :-)

    I've just recorded a quick tut on another way to do it which is slightly more involved however you have full control over how the text is produced, wont get doubles and overlapping geometry, takes the luck out of the method above which even with the remove doubles and joining will still create bad geometry on many letters and you will soon get frustrated with it.  It also makes sure you have a small bevel which sets the text apart as you get spec highlights on the edges and it might not look much but put two sets of text together and you will see the difference.

    Finished files here including and example uv unwrapped obj you can load into blender to have a look and the final blend file.

    Tut here (rough and ready I literally just ran through it and recorded but it's fairly concise and should be lots of useful stuff in there.  I haven't' stopped and explained every key press but have screen cast keys running)  There are plenty of other ways to do this, this is just off the top of my head after I tried a few times with you example and was not getting consistent results without fiddling so I think this is better.

    enjoy! let me know if it makes sense or not!

  • VikingFilm65VikingFilm65 Website User Posts: 261

    mark_e  : Thanks for the tutorial. Though it seems a bit much work just for some text. But well done anyway With the tutorial! :)

    Thanks! :)

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