Crash on project loaded


I've been making a project. I've added a particle simulator to composite shot, then while tweaking particle simulator HitFilm creashed. I've loaded the project and put particle simulator again, then saved the project. But tweaking simulator cause application crash again. So I decide to delete particle simulator, but unfortunatelly, the app is crashing as soon as I load the project.

Is there any chance to fix this or I should make the project again from scratch? I've send two reports from crash.


  • Onixarts
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    I've figured it out, that when the particle simulator layers was between other 3d composite shots, the application crash when moving cursor on timeline. Placing particle simulator on the top of these layers solves the problem for now.

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    Glad you narrowed it down, but even then HitFilm shouldn't be crashing. Is this HitFilm 2 Ultimate or HitFilm 3 Pro? Can you give us some specifics of your computer system?



    Graphics Card:


  • Onixarts
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    Hi, it's hf3 project.

    os: Windows 8.1 64 bit

    CPU: I4 750 (first Intel i4 processor) 2.3 GHz


    ram: 2x8 GB

    Hitfilm is installed on SSD Drive, same as OS.

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    Any chance you could upload the Project for me to take a look?
    Hopefully I won't need the media so just the Project should be fine & if you could tell me which Layer to move I could try to replicate the issue here.


  • Onixarts
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    I have changed the project so it is not crashing anymore.. in this situation ;). I've noticed that HitFilm3 crash in many other situations too. For example, my last project was just one footage, uncompressed avi (about 36GB file size). It crashed several times when atomic particle effect with music interaction was added, and I did scroll over timeline.  The worst  thing is, that there is no error info, just Hitfilm crash and that's all. There was no send memory dump button.
    I don't know if these dumps come to you, but I've send few of them if button was available.
    I'll try to make simple crashable project and I'll let you know.