is an nvidia gtx850m 2gb good enough for decent hf3 performance?

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Question is as the title really. Is an nvidia gtx850m with 2gb good enough for decent hf3 performance and a good jump from my current ati radeon mobility 5400m

Thanks guys


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    I tried to do a comparison between your radeon and the 580GTXm 2gig in my machine, but the 580m was being compared to the raden 6900. Roughly guessing from comparisons between the rafeon 6900 and NVidia 580GTXm, then comparing the 580GTXm to the 880GTXm you should see a 300% or so speed increase from the upgrade. Whether that makes "decent" performance depends on your patience. Of course a laptop card will never beat a destop card. Still, that's a good speed upgrade. 

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    I certainly seems like a very large upgrade performance wise and yes tghat would mean decent performance. Thanks @Triem23.

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    I am currently researching video cards and have decided for myself I will be going with something with 4GB and 256Bit.  If you are looking at purchasing new video card then I would say go with something that has at least 3GB, usually the 3GB have a larger bit pipe than 2 or 4 but if you go with 4GB then you get that additional memory and usually other components that make it worth the jump up.

    I prefer Nvidia over AMD or what was ATI cards. Am looking at some variant of the GTX 970 depending on if my old MOBO can handle it after a bios update.  Go with something that will last you a while and will be as optimal as possible for your needs.  

    I am still researching and it is kind of a pain as you don't just have to choose the model but which company and then which version of that model from that company to get, it's crazy.

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    Hi @Idrankwhat I'm actually looking to get a new laptop not upgrage a video card so budget is very important as is bang for buck. So while a 970 or 980 would be amazing I have to be realistic. Yes 4gb would be a much better idea I have limitations on budget sadly. 

    Thank you for taking time out of your Xmas celebration's to reply though.Much appreciated

  • Ah.. I did not know you were on laptop.  I read somewhere that there is a external setup you can get that will run a regular video card from a laptop.  You may want to check into that, if I come across that again I will come back and give a link but if you check amazon, newegg you should be able to find it.

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    Yeah @Idrankwhat I have seen that but it would be work beyond my skills on my current laptop plus the current one is a little long in the tooth anyway.