Suggestions for 3rd Party Effects?

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If you had $300 to spend on 3rd Party Royalty Free effects, music etc..
to get to use with HF2U or HF3P what would you suggest?

I took a look over at TubeTape and they have some nice discounts and are giving away the 200+ HD Video Elements package they sell. It is a massive download 15GB+, I was actually going to buy this but I looked at the price and darn if it wasn't ZERO for today anyway.

Looking at their other offerings also but I was wondering if you had any thoughts or ideas for 3rd party royalty free packages to use in projects. Whether that be music, visual effects or whatever.

My video editor is the sony movie studio version 12 and not any of the high end video editors. I do have Adobe Premeire and After Effects but I have no clue how to use that which is why I originally came looking this way and purchased HF 2 Ultimate and will be upgrading to HF3Pro in the next few days.

Not sure how long TubeTape is going to have their sale going on but this free download is seriously going to take all day for me on my low level "high" speed internet.  Beats dialup though.


  • dancerchris
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    Spend your money on upgrading your NLE to Vegas Pro.  In combination with HFP3 you have an effects power house and good editing.  Don't get trapped in the what are good effects.  Only get what you need, because the combination of the two programs does sooooo much already.  Most of the effects only give you specific workflow and can be made from clever use of existing effects.

  • Idrankwhat
    Idrankwhat Website User Posts: 131

    That actually did not come to mind getting vegas pro.

    Which version would you suggest 12 or 13, especially now with HFP3?

    On Amazon they have 12 Pro for download option but no 13 except the movie studio.  Last year I bought movie studio 12 and then a month later 13 came out.  Will 14 come out in a few months do you think?

  • MichaelJames
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    Lol don't go Vegas Pro.  Read online about how half the customers have problems with  it.  $300 to spend.  You could go get some good models or assets from  I'd be careful with some of the packs on tube tape because i was not impressed by some of the video element assets.  I fell like Video Copilot's action essentials 2 is the gold standard of HD assets.  Could always go to Triune Film's(film riot's) store.  They have some great sound fx and music assets too.

  • dancerchris
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    @MichaelJames  hmmm never really had a problem with it personally and VP13 is pretty solid while 12 was a little sketchy.  A lot of the problems reported are those with odd or old hardware.

    @Idrakwhat  I agree that VideoCopilot Action Essentials 2 is an excellent resource and if you are planning to do action videos explosions, guns, etc. it is the thing to get.  But my advice is to buy what you need, not what you think you might.  Going back to getting a good NLE is always a wise choice.  I happen to like Vegas Pro and it does integrate very well with HitFilm.  I haven't had the problems that MJ is complaining about, and most who turn off GPU accelleration have their problems vanish (it is a two edged sword).

  • Idrankwhat
    Idrankwhat Website User Posts: 131

    I have older hardware in my computer, I may have to actually flash the bios before upgrading to a new video card so the mobo can recognize the new video cards out there.

    I took a look at movie studio version 13 and did not like the interface as it is designed more for touch and I have an old school desktop.  Though Vegas Pro is entirely different software even though MS stems from it.  I will look into it though I prefer to buy from amazon or other resellers than directly from sony due to price is usually lower or download options are offered. 

    So far 13 isn't on Amazon yet but I also don't want to get into buying it and then right away 14 comes out like they did with 13.

    I was looking really at just getting a couple solid resource media packages that are a good base to work from for youtube type of videos like intro's, music etc but a good NLE is also important.  I do have Adobe's Creative Cloud and have access to  Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, but they aren't exactly intuitive software.

  • Idrankwhat
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    Researching video cards and came across this on Adobe's Premiere Pro forum in relation to the new Nvidia 900 series cards.. 970 / 980.

    "RjL190365 wrote:.... (Sony Creative Software, on the other hand, gave up on CUDA support in Vegas Pro due to the problems it encountered with CUDA acceleration with GPUs newer than Fermi; GPU acceleration support in Vegas is now restricted to OpenCL only, which Nvidia GeForce GPUs are indeed weaker than comparably priced AMD Radeon GPUs at.)"

    It seems Vegas Pro does not support the new Nvidia line of cards very well and could be why others are having issues with Vegas.  Will have to see what 14 specs are when it comes out, maybe it will be the rewrite that makes it compatible with the haswell based hardware or maybe an update for 13 will come out?    This comment though makes it sound like they aren't even trying so who knows.

  • Triem23
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    I have a love/frustration relationship with Vegas Pro. On one hand, Vegas's workflow is, for me, far superior to Avid, Premiere and FCPX, but, with recent revisions, SCS hasn't been doing a terribly great job with support for current cards--especially NVidia. 

    Sony's website (in faint defense) on the "supported cards" info page does state--and support with benchmark data that AMD cards perform better in Vegas than NVidia.  

  • Idrankwhat
    Idrankwhat Website User Posts: 131

    @Triem23  Yeah they have chosen to support OpenCL and AMD cards excel at that tech where Nvidia has Cuda and whatever else there where their OpenCL exists it isn't all that I guess.

    Personally I don't really know what all that really is or does and only really learn about it when I research video cards.  For me it either works or doesn't and that is how I know.  LOL.


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