A few suggestions for HF3P

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Hi all,

firstly, the Update 1 for Hitfilm 3 Pro is good, the performance is better all round, in fact I haven't noticed any realtime issues - it seems quite good all round, so well done guys.

Just a few suggestions for improvement, they aren't officially bugs, but things that could be improved.

1. I've had a few crashes, and submitted the form when it does crash, but it seems like the crashes are either on first starting hitfilm or when first loading a project. What I suggest is maybe give users the option of turning off the live feed from within Hitfilm somewhere? I don't really use the live feed from the web via the Hitfilm program itself, I prefer to do that via my browser. Just a suggestion. What does everyone else think? And turning off the live feed at the start page might show if it has anything to do with these crashes.

2. The mouse cursor not updating issue - basically, often when I go and change the value of something, the cursor changes to the double arrow cursor. The problem is that it doesn't go back to a normal cursor when I move, say, back into the editor window. Where this can be a problem (besides being really annoying) is trying to select or move say an opacity keyframe on a track. It is hard to do with a double arrow cursor. I have to move the mouse back to an empty spot and then back again. With the double arrow cursor, I know it changes to that to alert the user that the given field's value is scrollable/drag-able via the mouse. Is it easy to change the mouse behaviour so that a click and drag changes it to the double arrow, and then on a mouse-off or mouse release (letting go of the left mouse button) it snaps back to the normal cursor?

3. The filenaming and save/save as - I think this has been mentioned before on the forums. Can we have the filename of the file we are currently working on - that is currently open - showing somewhere? I sometimes forget which iteration of a project I am working on. Also, the save button is correctly unavailable if no changes have been made, but the save option in the file drop down menu is still available even if no changes have been made. Suggest making the save in the drop down menu consistent with the save button behaviour. Also, when doing a "Save As" it would be great for Hitfilm to retain the current project filename in the Save As dialog, i.e to have the Save As dialog to prepopulate the filename field with the existing filename. I often forget which iteration I am up to, and with it prepopulated, then I'd know, and could just append my iteration number to the prepopulated field. I'm pretty sure this would be a more standard way of doing a save as, and would mean that prepopulating the filename with the current filename and then doing a Save As but then not changing the filename would be the same as a "Save" but with an overwrite warning.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, happy with the Update 1 and with HF3P in general, just a list of some things that I feel could be improved. Anyway, what does everyone else think?




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