'From The Distance' - Christmas Short Film

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Hey guys, check out my latest short film. I had an idea to run with the concept of a solider overseas calling his wife on Christmas Eve, and the bittersweetness of what those types of calls must actually be like- and we went with it. I'm pretty happy with the results, especially from an acting standpoint.

Let me know your thoughts!


  • Keegan
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    edited December 2014

    I saw the short version on the @RodyPolis competition playlist and my brain almost exploded. The writing, lighting and acting are all 100% indistinguishable from anything you'd see on TV or in a movie theater (IN A GOOD WAY!).

    You guys have always done awesome work and this just reinforces that you are one of the better indie filmmakers out there! Keep on keepin' on.

  • Robin
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    This was great. Like a little window into someone else's life, it felt very real. I can't say I know what being in that situation feels like, but the acting here has brought me as close to knowing it as anything can.

  • TimLan635
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    Nicely done again.  You guys are really good at pulling it all together into a really polished, final product.  Photography, editing, and grading, of course.  Having someone score it, instead of just using canned music.  Even the opening title graphic and the credits have a very professional, classy appearance. 

  • StormyKnight
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    That was, as Blondie would say, atomic!

    I'm a sucker for soldier type stories- tear up at all the homecoming vids people take and having family in the military and all. This was no exception.

    Was that a husband and wife team?

    Nice touch with the little hint of the saddened 'I'll be Home for Christmas'.


  • davide445
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    Normally didnt look at short videos, consider it mostly a showreel.

    This is really different, art in my idea, where technology it's just a tool to shape ideas.

    So good HF is able to produce this beauty in expert hands, there is where I want to come, for me now is such as having a Stradivari and being only able to cut ropes to make some sound.

  • Andrew
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     Thanks guys, glad you all seem to have enjoyed it- Ben and I and the whole team really appreciate the kind words!

    To answer you, StormyKnight, yes the two actors in the short are in fact husband and wife in real life. Brian, the man, is a frequent collaborator with us and one of our favorite actors to work with, as we have for many years.

    His wife, Akasha, is an equally-talented actress that for whatever reason we've never solidly put in anything the past few years (though that's changed now, and she'll be in a few more upcoming things)- so when the opportunity arose to have both a husband and wife actually play husband and wife, and with such amazing actors no less, we jumped at the chance to pair them onscreen.

    And, as you can see, they're both really amazing talents that give awesome performances, so I'm glad it's something Ben and I pursued.


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