Neitra 3D Pro?

Lars_H Website User Posts: 79 Enthusiast


Has anyone tried this software?

I have just downloaded the demo and watched the tutorials.

I have not installed the demo yet but am planning to do so and make a couple of tests during the next days.

Lars H



  • chibi
    chibi Website User Posts: 257 Just Starting Out

    Looks similar to autodesk 123 catch which is free or Agisoft PhotoScan which has the best results I've seen.

  • duffman
    duffman Website User Posts: 235 Enthusiast

    Yikes....looks like you really have to pay real attention to camera position while shooting.

    I have been thinking about one of these:

    Waiting on reply from company on what format these are saved as.



  • Lars_H
    Lars_H Website User Posts: 79 Enthusiast

    The iSense-scanner seems like a very handy tool (but the option for me would be the "Sense" model since I only work with PC's).  It would be interesting to know if the files could be imported in Hitfilm. If they do that would be much simpler than to take 40-60 photos and load into a software.

    The Depth image size of 640 x 480 seems very small though. Or am I wrong here? Maybe that is enough? I have never made any models of my own, so my knowledge is very limited regarding 3-models.

    Lars H


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