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When I export directly to YouTube, does HitFilm create a copy of that file on my hard drive and if so, how can I locate it?

I would like to be able to share that exact same file with my other YT bandmates in a collaboration, in order to spare them from unneeded YT processing and to assure we are all posting the same file to our channels.


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    You can export the same project to your own computer by selecting how you're exporting it. At the top of the export page are tabs with different ways you can export a project. H.264 (MP4) and AVI will give you video files while the image sequence option gives you one PNG picture per frame. The OpenEXR gives you a PNG image sequence that can be used in other programs like AE CS5. So exporting to youtube will not automatically save the project to your computer but it will duplicate it on the 'Movie Wall' if you select it to do so.

    When you export, make sure you select the correct timeline and export area. Once you click on the 'export' button a folder will open. You can navigate to the desktop, document, music, video or picture folder that you want from there to save it. Once there, you can create a new folder and give it the project file name. You should also save the HitFilm project itself by clicking on the 'File' button on the upper left of the menu bar. Select 'Save As' and from there you can navigate to the folder you want to save it to (just like the export process.

    If you're sharing files/videos with others, there's a better way than doing it over youtube. Go to and set up a free account. You get 3GB of space to work with and you can set up one account between you and your bandmates. Just make sure you all have the same login and password info and anyone can access it anytime and you can share video (or any) files directly without youtubes processing and/or compression. If you upgrade to get more space you can all chip in for it together. And on that matter- MP4 produces smaller files than AVI. If I'm not mistaken, AVI is uncompressed and the quality is a bit better but if space is an issue then go MP4. Just a thought.

    Hope this answers your questions.  :^)

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    @ StormyKnight, thanks for taking time to write that detailed reply. I do appreciate it but I am aware of the things you wrote. I have done several collabs over the past few years. I guess I should have phrased my post better.

    I was going on the assumption that when I export to YouTube the parameters of the render were automatically optimised for YT. I've been happy with my test results so far and wanted to find a way to render videos to my hard drive using those settings, whatever they may be.

    Thanks again :)


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    Here's the thing. On a YouTube export, Hitfilm renders a file to disc before upload. So--where does Hitfilm put the temp file, what is the temp file named, and does Hitfilm automatically delete this temp/cache file after upload? 

    A question for @SimonKJones @AxelWillianson or @Ady

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    DOH! Well, I shouldn't have presumed you were a newbie either.  ;^)

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    If it was caching the video file in any readable format that would be a workaround to break one of the demo restriction. I can imagine HitFilm might only render the video to RAM (using memory paging if there isn't enough) because of that.

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    Triem23 That is exactly what I was thinking.

    StormyKnight Many thanks for your reply. I'm still a newbie in many ways and truly do appreciate your time :)  I've been seaching for an answer to the question of "What is the best way to render videos for YouTube?"  (I finally found the right words, lol) for a long time.

    A way where I don't render a file that is stupidly oversized, only to have YT compress the hell out of it, or render one that is too small to utilize YouTubes best resolution.  How can I do this with the Export settings in HF3?

    Robin I own HF3 so I hadn't even considered demo restrictions until you mentioned them. I'm not looking for a way to cheat. I just want to learn the most efficient way to render for YT based on the options available in the Export menu.

    To all of you. Thanks for your time :)

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    @Donn Hehe, was not accusing you of cheating, that was just a general thought :P

    Also about the export settings: I think YouTube natively uses mp4 files compressed with H.264 codec. When you have uploaded a video, in the video manager youtube gives you the option to download their version of the video, if I'm not mistaken this is exactly the file that gets played back (on full quality settings of course), so downloading that and looking into the codec settings might give you additional clues on what bitrate to use. Not sure if it works that way, it's just an idea that came to mind.

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    Use some video converters. I suggest you can try some freewares if you don't often convert videos. I have collected some free video converters on here.

    Maybe it can help you

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