HitFilm 3, OpenCV, and GTX 6xx cards

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Hey guys. I've been messing around with HitFilm 2 Express for the past couple of weeks and am learning to love what it can do. However, there has been a significant issue that has prevented it from being my main editor, and that is stability. The app crashes on me constantly. Just yesterdays I was working on a pretty simple project, only 4 tracks and a pair of 1080p clips, and the application crashed no less than 25 times over the course of 3 hours. I ended up having to save after each cut so that I wouldn't lose anything. It was bad.  

 I decided to do some digging and I came across a pair of threads here that seemed to suggest in so many words that, because HitFilm 2 used an outdated version of OpenCV, there were compatibility issues with the Nvidia 6xx series of cards and the Kepler architecture, with one user reporting that his 660 wasn't even being used by the system and his CPU was handling all the load, which was causing all the crashes. 

I was planning on upgrading to HitFilm 3 Pro in the next month or two, but I'm running a 650 ti. I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this issue, and if it had been resolved as of HitFilm 3's release. Kind of important to know before I drop $300 on an application. 

 The threads I was referring to are here, if anyone is interested:



 Thanks a lot.




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    Here's a link to the blog indicating what was updated in HF3P. Don't know if it contains the info you're looking for but I would definitely submit a support ticket for this issue.


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    Also, if you just want to confirm if HitFilm 3 will work on your machine, you can always download the demo and torture it to any extent you wish - there are no restrictions to it other than the export options, everything else will behave exactly the same like the full program.

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