How do i remove a color grade?

I just did the start here first video.

And in the color grading area i pasted the color grade to all the clips but then i wanted to chage it so i made new settings.

When i add this new setting past to all the clips it seems to be just adding this grade to the one all ready on it making it very dark double grading it.

So how can i remove a color grade i applyed to all the clips so i can add a new version to all the clips that i want?

Also can i somehow do somthing to have the video play back full screen when i want to see it more easy?


A sales ? if i end up buying this will it then work with Preamer or Vages if i get one of them at some point two. And will it work with older versions of premier.

For some reasion i can not use my spell checker in your fourm..



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    You should be able to copy/paste effects from one layer/clip to others. I do it all the time. To remove effects, highlight them, right-click and select remove.

    Hitfilm and Premiere - HFP3 comes with the Plug-Ins which work directly in Premiere. For shots involving particle simulation and/or 3D models, you'll have to render from Hitfilm to import to Premiere. 

    Hitfilm and Vegas - again, you get the Plug-Ins which work directly in Vegad. Also, you can right-click a video or picture clip on the Vegas timeline and send it directly to Hitfilm. When you ho back to Vegas, you'll have the Hitfilm project on your Vegas timeline. You can load any Hitfilm Project into Vegas and Vegas will read the Hitfilm project's Editor Timeline (NOT composite shots, only the Editor Timeline) as a media clip.  

    At the moment  there is no way to get a full-screen preview in Hitfilm on a single-monitor setup. If you have two monitors, move your preview pane to monitor two and scale it up. 

    Sale pricing? FxHome isn't running one right now, but Sony has the Vegas Production Suite on sale till  Dec 31. This is Vegas, Hitfilm, Sound Forge, Vegas Production Assistant aand some other goodies bundled together. Also, has a Hitfilm/greenscreen bundle on sale.  

    Hope this helps. 

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    If you just want to make a change to the existing color grade, you can always select the layer that holds the color-grade, and look for the grade effect in the controls panel. Open up its controls, and you can adjust them at will. After that you can copy and paste the adjusted grade to all other layers.

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