New user help ?s

Hi i am testing the demo.

It has been a long time synce i have done any editing but just getting back into it so i am a bit lost with this.

Using the editer i load in a few clips and it crashes every time.

So to get it to work i can load in only 3 clips and it is working is their some limit on the amout of clips to load in?

The clips are only under 60 seconds each HD from a Canon70D.

Is their a video on using the editor for a starter user for basic editing  i could not find one.?

? I used some color grading on a clip and made a lot of setings changes but i see no way to take the setting and apply it to my other clips so everything is graded the same?? How can i do that.

And how can i ad some effect transitions from clip to clip when i want to and ware are they??

I am testing this to see if i can use it for all my basic editing and then start learning to create cool effects using all the many tools but i need to learn how to do basic edits first.. any help info on this?





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    Import problems... That shouldn't happen. You may need to open a tech support ticket. In tge meantime, try turning off any antivirus and security softsoftware running. 

    Start with this tutorial, then head over to Hitfilm's YouTube feed for more. All HFU2. tutorials are valid in HFP3. 

    You can copy and paste effects between clips. Or, you can select a series of effects, right-click and save them as a preset. 

    Transitions are in the effects stack under "Transitions Video" drag the teansition directly to the header or footer on the clip on the timeline. 

    Check the Support section of this site for more FAQs, tutorials and software documentation. 

    Have fun. 

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