Hitfilm 3 Free Trial won't let me export

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I got a copy of the free trial version of Hitfilm 3, however when I tried to export my finished product to YouTube (as it doesn't let me export to my computer), it said that my login details were unrecognized. I went to my YouTube account and logged in with those "unrecognized details" and it let me in.

Why is this happening?


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    Did you get a solution to this issue? I have the same issue with the full version of HF2 ultimate and the full version of HF3 pro

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    HitFilm passes your login credentials directly to the YouTube servers, and doesn't do anything with them itself. I know YouTube accounts can have multiple login credentials, since the merger with google.  Are you using your Google login, or the original YouTube credentials? It might be worth trying the other one.

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    I think in my case at least it's an issue with security settings on my account. I tried both my accounts last night I got emails from google later saying that an insecure app had tried to access my account. If it was me then I needed to relax my security settings

    I have done this but I can't test it until the evening when I get home from work. 

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    This happened to me and the next morning it said that Google had blocked a sign in attempt.  I'm guessing that was Hitfilm trying to upload the video, but I haven't tried it again yet.

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    Yes @swiftsword7 that's exactly what it is. You need to change your google account security settings as specified in the email and then uploads should work.

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    aug 26 2015- I have this same issue! It says I have to have hitfilm access my youtube channel and click "open browser" but nothing pops up and also it says I need a authorization code that google provides to me. PLEASE HELP!!

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    It did the same thing to me last night, and I tried to change my google account security settings, then everything back to normal. You should all try this.

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    TaylorScottemma24xia has suggested but if the problem persists please contact support here.

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