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HitFilm 3 Pro has been out in the wild for a month. It’s been our biggest product launch ever, for which we have to thank all of you. Read more...

This is a discussion for a blog article.


  • RowbyRowby Website User Posts: 58 Just Starting Out

     Great new blog article!    Enjoyed reading it -- and loved seeing the teasers of what's upcoming in 2015!   ...Rowby

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,262 Ambassador

    What Rowbry said. 

    Incidentally, I have started a tutorial on the Strike Wing shot.  This will cover using the particle sim to create the planet ring, linking multiple particle sytems, deflectors and forces together for procedural thrusters and weapons fire for particle cloned ships, combining 2.5D and 3D unified spaces in a single shot, and a few tricks for epic explosions with particles. We'll also be looking at a similar, but more advanced method of using a "gimble-rig" camera like the one Simon set up for his bomber shot in his newest tutorial.

    Speaking of tutorials, resources are an exciting development indeed! About the only thing I can think of missing from that blog is a mention of BCC Hitfilm. ;-) 

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    @theFXhome team- Sounds like some pretty exciting stuff coming up for HF.  Amazing how far from VisionLab you've come and in such a short amount of time. You certainly deserve the recognition and nods from FilmRiot and the like. YOU FOLKS ROCK!!!!! 

    Triem23 - I am waiting with bated breath. Forget that I just ate some bait. lol ewww. Thank you in advance for your efforts!

  • PencilandincPencilandinc Website User Posts: 143

    Update #2? Those are HUGE!

    I have a subscription to already and have been WAITING to see if anyone was going to wake up and smell the cannabis over there to put a HitFilm course up.

    THANK YOU!!! HitFilm ROCKS!!!

  • SaintJustePatriceSaintJustePatrice Website User Posts: 1

    We need a school to learn this software and improve our skills.

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