Harvesting the power of silk

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So I ran into this pretty cool thing!  It is called silk, basically you can set lines of symetry (or none at all) and draw.  However unlike most drawing applications it procedurally does cool things, its hard to explain but it kinda looks like silk.

You can try it here

Or watch a short demonstration I made


Now I dont know about you but I would love it if we could harness tools like this.  Just imagine the shapes, and styles that are possible.  It would be all to easy to make elements for a fantasy magic battle.  Unfortunately their are some difficulties.

You can only export one frame and it is only at (1280 x 701)

And if you record the screen like I did you are at the mercy of a bunch of other factors.


This means that unfortunately it would be hard to practically use this in a film, but still it is pretty cool.



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    That's a pretty cool program. Too bad, like you say, it can't be used in a practical way other than saving one pic. If that could be incorporated into a compositing program it would be a fun effect to use.

    How ya been Caleb? Haven't seen you 'round much lately.

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    Yah I guess I havent been terrorizing the fourms with tons of questions lately ;)

    I have been verry buisy with school, but have still been exploring artsy stuff.  Right now im focusing on my instruments, music composition, and programming.  I have been kind of hovering over the fourms but havent spent much time experimenting with vfx.  Never the less the best reason to stay here is that you guys cook up some really cool stuff sometimes.


    Thanks For Asking.

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    I am sure as soon as you finifinish some songs you'll do some music videos and terrorize us with questions again. ;-) 

    Neat screenshot. If silk plays back internal animations full-scrfull-screen you could use screen capture software to grab it for import into Hitfilm. 

  • @Triem23  - that would be a cool idea.

    Could you also use the black to key to othert layers of the patterns and put them all in 3D space? Might get some nice spatial moves there...

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    Yeah, a luma key could chop the blacks. Or composite with an ADD or SCREEN blend mode.