External Graphics Cards for Laptops

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with external graphics cards for their laptops (eGPUs)? - where you can connect a desktop graphics card through the PCIe slot (often used for your wireless card) on windows laptops or through a thunderbolt connection on Macbooks.

Adaptors arent that expensive, but presumably eGPUs will really take off if we'll be able to plug them into usb 3.1, as at the moment it must be a bit scary taking the bottom off your laptop everytime! I've seen a new Alienware laptop has an expensive external gpu solution here, but personally I don't think proper gaming laptops are really worth the investment due to becoming obsolete so quickly.

I need a decent laptop so can't just devote all my money to a great desktop, would it be worth getting a macbook simply for the thunderbolt connection, then attach a gtx 970 when needed?

And more importantly does anyone know how well eGPUs work, or if there are compatibility issues for hardware/software?


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